Isle of Man TT and road racing

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    @Abdurahman that fan video is of Mark Webber, it’s Mitch Evans who took it.


    If anyones interested, the Beeb are showing a stream of Practice for the NW200.


    cool, thanks


    The TT starts this week.
    Here’s a taste:


    Some terrible news from first practice day of the TT:

    “Japanese rider Yoshinari Matsushita, 43, was killed during the qualifying session at the 2013 Isle of Man TT Races”



    As soon as I saw “Statement issued on behalf of the ACU” on the homepage my heart sank. Really was hoping we could have another clean year. Such a shame.


    Sorry to hear that. It’s a dangerous track, but this still remains a shock.


    I wish this is the first and last fatality in this year’s race. RIP Yoshinari :(


    well, the TT is done for the year.
    This year the racing was extraordinary.
    Michael Dunlop had a very strong performance, with four wins. Really amazing stuff, and maybe it’s the start of a new Dunlop dynasty in the Isle of Man.
    Great to see John McGuiness come back and win the senior race. He is still the king of the mountain.
    i was half expecting for the lap record to reach 132 mph on the senior race, but i’m sure next year they’ll get there. Almost all races broke some sort of record, with McPint having the outright lap record. The new Superstock lap record is massively impressive.

    Good week for Anstey and Hillier as well. Shame to see Cameron Donald and Guy Martin not getting in the battle to win races.

    Also good to see upcoming talent making their way through the ranls, with Dean Harrison mightly impressive.

    The TT Zero machines are reaching the 110mph barrier, and their development is astonishing.

    The side cars were dominated by the Birchall brothers, however they only won the second race because of a puncture on the first. Dan Sayle won the first race.

    Hope all the spectators caught on the Senior race crash fully recover from their injuries. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Also, hopes for a quick recovery for the Netherlands rider who crashed on practice week.

    “I don’t know how they sit on these bikes with there massive balls of steel.”

    I’m planning on going to the Isle of Man TT next year, i just hope i can make it!!


    that’s Tim Reeves and Dan Sayle who won the first Sidecar race


    Every day for the past week or so, I have been glued to ITV4 at 9 0’clock watching highlights from the TT. I’ve been wanting to watch it for a long time, but finally I was able to this year. I’m a bit surprised that this thread hasn’t been more active as this year’s TT was amazing. I was mainly going for Guy Martin, John McGuiness and James Hillier, so I was really happy that John won the senior race. Fair play to Dunlop though, he’s been extraordinary all week. ITV4’s coverage has been brilliant except for the fact that highlights were only an hour long. They really should have given more time to it, like an hour and a half at least. But the ITV4 team were great and I reckon Craig Doyle would do a good job at presenting F1 on the BBC.


    yeah, the ITV4 coverage is very good.
    I was rooting for McGuiness, he seems like a top bloke and is an amazing rider.
    I also want Guy Martin to do well, get his first TT win. And Connor Cummins as well. After that huge crash in 2010, and being a local, i think he should get a win.

    ITV is covering the Classic TT in August, which i’m looking forward to. A lot of the top riders will be there with classic TT bikes. seems like good fun to me. I would love to go there just for the atmosphere, it should be brilliant.

    I’ve never been a motorcycle racing enthusiast, but since i saw footage of the TT and the NW200 a couple of year ago, i am hooked on road racing. I still can’t stand the short circuit bike races though.


    right, i have booked the ferry and found a homestay in Douglas for the race week in 2014 (30th may – 8th June). Extremely excited about going to the isle of man TT.

    Anyone else going?


    right, some Road Racing news:

    – Michael Dunlop is thinking on missing the 2014 season because of not getting a good enough deal. This is major news, and a shame if it happens. I’m surprised Honda wasn’t “good enough” for him. i really hope he sorts himself out and rides next year.

    – Conor Cummons joins John MacGuiness at the Honda factory team. Again, major news! what a chance for Conor! i’m sure he’s going to do well there. i hope he finally gets a win at the TT. Good to see McPint race for another year at least. Top bloke.

    – William Dunlop joins the Tyco Suzuki team. Finally here’s a chance for William show what he’s capable of on a good machine. The Suzukis are not as fast as the Hondas, but still quite good. He joins Guy Martin at Tyco.

    – Ian Hutchinson is back, and already has made an impression by winning the Macau GP after a long time recovering from a very nasty crash at Silverstone in 2010. Good to see him back. He’s riding for the Milwaukee Yamaha team. Also riding for the Yamaha team in 2014 will be Josh Brooks, the fastest rookie around the TT course.

    next season is shaping up to be a classic. there are several riders that can make the TT a very enjoyable one… and i’m going to be there to see it!!!

    in the last few months i’ve been watching other races on the road racing calendar, and now can say i’m properly hooked on this. i’d like to go to Ireland and have a look at their National Road races. Places like Armoy, Cookstown, Kells and Tandragee. I’m already planning to go to the Northwest 200 and the Ulster GP in the future, possibly 2015. I want to go to this year’s Golden Cup, up in Scarborough as well.



    I know you have stated you don’t like circuit races, but did you catch any of the Macau GP? Got to see it on TV here in Asia and it is absolutely amazing. Zero runoff room, not a airbale/haybale in sight.

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