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Bridgestone downplays degradation issues

"Bridgestone is confident that teams will quickly adapt to the challenges of setting up their cars to work with the new slick tyres, despite complaints of chronic rear degradation in earlier testing. 'It is still early days for the teams working on their understanding of the slick tyres and the aerodynamic regulations, so we would expect improvements in all areas of how teams use their tyres,' [chief engineer Jun] Matsuzaki said. 'Jerez's circuit layout is one which is harsh on the rear tyres. Also, Jerez in December is colder than we will see during the season, so there was graining on the rear tyres and this led to greater degradation than we would see in warmer weather.'"

Capping It All

"Alonso himself claims that he is worth a magic six tenths of a second in lap times; yet the engineers and designers could as easily make the same assertion. If the drivers' values are reduced to a common maximum, they become like another component that can be switched in or out at will, just as Sir Frank has maintained all along. It might be more reality than the fans could stomach, to see their heroes become an expendable commodity."

My year’s highlights

Toyota test driver Kamui Kobayashi: “If I finish well in GP2, I have a good chance to get into F1. F1 and GP2 have similar levels of downforce, and it’s important to drive a car like that, especially with slicks coming into F1. It’s difficult to know how much help GP2 will be, as F1 will be so different in ‘09. But laptimes should be closer, so it’s good experience.”

Singapore Look To Slightly Alter Circuit Layout

"I’m not sure if Valencia are intending to make any modifications ahead of their second race in 2009, but comparing the two street circuits that debuted in 2008, I’d say Valencia needs more work than Singapore."

Donington Park in a race against time to stage 2010 British Grand Prix

"Funding for the ambitious redevelopment, which will begin with improvements to the track and the construction of a new pit and paddock complex and hospitality suites, is not yet in place, and owners Donington Ventures Leisure Ltd have until this September to satisfy Bernie Ecclestone that plans are on course or risk losing their 10-year contract to stage the race."

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8 comments on “F1 links: Tyre wear concerns”

  1. This link HERE is just amazing. The full race at SPA viewed from onboards cameras. Only to Fanatic guys…

    1. what a hell of a great link Becken…
      they must make that live, and than it must be possible to choose which driver we can drive with…
      that looks fantastic to me :D

  2. That is one hell of a link! Thanks.

  3. Nice one Becken !
    Shame we can’t get that sort of thing live.

    I’m not sure if Valencia are intending to make any modifications ahead of their second race in 2009, but comparing the two street circuits that debuted in 2008, I’d say Valencia needs more work than Singapore.

    I’d agree.

    I hope they don’t take away the bumps from Singapore, it makes it harder for the drivers and looks great with all of the sparks under the floodlights.

    I’d leave all tracks as they are for this season, the new cars may well give us some better racing (hopefully anyway) but either way it’ll be easier to compare them on the same tracks before any more changes are made.

  4. Tyre wear concerns already? What happens if we have another cold and wet season then? Do Bridgestone have another formula prepared just in case?

    1. there you have a point DG…
      slicks and rain..
      that could be nice to watch :P

  5. Thank you very much Becken for posting that link. I will definitely view it in its entirety. I wonder how people get a hold of this footage. It seems a real waste to not give the viewers more of this and I’m sure many other wasted camera angles.

  6. All the teams are concerned about crappy Bridgestone tyres and B/stone just say “deal with it”, because they don’t have to compete with anybody.

    So the teams have to spend valuable testing time working out how to use the tyres, time and effort WASTED.

    Another symptom of the single tyre supplier – that and no overtaking.

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