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F1 returns after a four-week break for the European Grand Prix in the city of Valencia this weekend.

August is the hottest month of the year in this part of the world and the weather is expected to run true to form, with hot, dry running on all three days. Temperatures are forecast to be in the high 20s, pushing 30C.

Can Brawn recapture the strong form they showed in hot conditions earlier this year? We’ll be following every session live here at F1 Fanatic, so join us to find out.

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9 comments on “European Grand Prix weather forecast”

    1. Where do they get their weather data from? I didn’t see that on other sites, including the Spanish Met office.

      Spot of rain on Saturday could give us an interesting grid though…

      1. yeah was the only website that reported rain. msn seems reliable… a mixed up grid would do wonders for the race.

  1. I hope this forecast is wrong and it rains, but I’m not really expecting it to- the European GP is probably the most likely race to be dry after Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

    But the reality is that it’s impossible to say what the weather will be like with any great accuracy a whole week before the race.

  2. I’m pretty sure The BrawnGP team will revert to a working package and dominate this race!

  3. StrFerrari4Ever
    17th August 2009, 0:27

    Dry or Wet i’m expecting a great race with the Red Bull’s attacking trying to streak off and the Mclarens & Kimi pushing to mess up someone’s race and get a podium. Brawns well I don’t know what they are going to do but I hope they continue to struggle for the sake of both Championships. Only if something happened like Q2 at Nurburghring :p

    1. I used to hope Brawn would struggle to open up the championship a bit, but now they’re struggling too much. If they keep going this slowly one of the Red Bull drivers might end up as one of the runaway champions.

  4. There’s a marked difference between the clean and dirty side of the track off the start grid in Valancia. A spot of rain on Saturday would erase the difference and impact the race quite significantly I imagine.

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