Team Lotus: My view from the pit wall by Peter Warr

F1 Fanatic readers’ top ten most-purchased gifts 2012

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Still need to buy a gift for your F1-loving friends or family? Or looking for something special for yourself?

Be guided by the wisdom of the F1 Fanatic crowd. Here are the most popular purchases made through the site from the selection of books, videos, games and other items reviewed here in the last 12 months.

1“I Just Made the Tea” by Di SpiresBookRating four out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
2“Team Lotus: My view from the pit wall” by Peter WarrBookRating five out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
3“Lotus 72: Owners’ Workshop Manual”BookRating four out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
4“He’s done it again” – Official 2011 F1 season review video*DVD, Bu-RayRating four out of fiveBuy on Blu-ray
Buy on DVD
5“The Inside Track: Paddocks, Pit Stops and Tales of My Life in the Fast Lane” by Jake HumphreyBookRating two out of fiveBuy hardback
Buy eBook
6“Poetry in Motion: Autobiography of a supreme Grand Prix driver” by Tony BrooksBookRating five out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
7McLaren: The Art of RacingBookRating three out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
8Formula One: All The RacesBookRating four out of fiveBuy (UK)
Buy (USA)
9“My Chequered Career: Thirty-five years of televising mototrsport” by Steve RiderBookRating three out of fiveBuy (UK)
10If You’re Not Winning?? You’re Not TryingDVDRating four out of fiveBuy on DVD (UK)

*The official 2012 season review video is not on sale yet but can be ordered in advance here:

Have you bought any of these products? Did you enjoy them? Have your say in the comments.

For a complete list of over 100 ideas for F1 gifts this year, check out the F1 Fanatic gift guide 2012:


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  • 3 comments on “F1 Fanatic readers’ top ten most-purchased gifts 2012”

    1. I can’t believe “Formula One: All The Races” is only 8th!

      1. @kingshark I guess it’s a bit more of a ‘hard-core’ book than most?

      2. It would have been on my list of books to get but for the fact it only lists the top 6 finishers for each race.

        Because of that it means I will only likely buy it if I see it heavily discounted.

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