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2024 Le Mans 24 Hours entry list confirmed without Vettel


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Sebastian Vettel is not among the 186 drivers who will compete in this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours.

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest which organises the most prestigious round of the World Endurance Championship has confirmed the list of competitors for next month’s race.

Vettel tested a Porsche 963 Hypercar in march, prompting speculation he was considering an appearance in the race. Porsche has added a third factory-run car for the La Sarthe event but it will be shared by Felipe Nasr, Nick Tandy and Mathieu Jaminet.

The number four Porsche is one of four extra Hypercars which will join the regular field at Le Mans, increasing the entry to 23 cars.

Two of the other entrants are from Cadillac, which only field one regular car in WEC. IMSA team mates Sebastien Bourdais, Scott Dixon and Renger van der Zande will drive the factory-run number three car, while Jack Aitken, Felipe Drugovich and Luis Felipe Derani will share the number 311 Whelen-run car.

The final extra hypercar will be entered by Lamborghini Iron Lynx. Romain Grosjean, Andrea Caldarelli and Matteo Cairoli will also transfer from the IMSA series to race at Le Mans.

A single Hypercar entry, for a Proton-run Porsche 963, has a place on the reserve list. Gianmaria Bruni is the only named driver for this car.

The Hypercar field will share the track with 16 LMP2 cars, which no longer contest WEC rounds, and 25 GTs.

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2024 Le Mans 24 Hours hypercar entry list

Number Team Car Driver 1 Driver 2 Driver 3
2 Cadillac Cadillac V-Series.R Earl Bamber Alex Lynn Alex Palou
3 Cadillac Cadillac V-Series.R Sebastien Bourdais Renger van der Zande Scott Dixon
4 Porsche Penske Porsche 963 Mathieu Jaminet Felipe Nasr Nick Tandy
5 Porsche Penske Porsche 963 Matt Campbell Michael Christensen Frederic Makowiecki
6 Porsche Penske Porsche 963 Kevin Estre Andre Lotterer Laurens Vanthoor
7 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota GR010 Mike Conway Kamui Kobayashi Nyck de Vries
8 Toyota Gazoo Racing Toyota GR010 Sebastien Buemi Brendon Hartley Ryo Hirakawa
11 Isotta Fraschini Isotta Fraschini Tipo6-C Carl Wattana Bennett Jean-Karl Vernay Antonio Serravalle
12 Jota Porsche 963 Will Stevens Norman Nato Callum Ilott
15 BMW M Team WRT BMW M Hybrid V8 Dries Vanthoor Raffaele Marciello Marco Wittmann
19 Lamborghini Iron Lynx Lamborghini SC63 Romain Grosjean Andrea Caldarelli Matteo Cairoli
20 BMW M Team WRT BMW M Hybrid V8 Sheldon van der Linde Robin Frijns Rene Rast
35 Alpine Alpine A424 Paul-Loup Chatin Ferdinand Habsburg Charles Milesi
36 Alpine Alpine A424 Nicolas Lapierre Mick Schumacher Matthieu Vaxiviere
38 Jota Porsche 963 Oliver Rasmussen Philip Hanson Jenson Button
50 Ferrari AF Corse Ferrari 499P Antonio Fuoco Miguel Molina Nicklas Nielsen
51 Ferrari AF Corse Ferrari 499P Alessandro Pier Guidi James Calado Antonio Giovinazzi
63 Lamborghini Iron Lynx Lamborghini SC63 Mirko Bortolotti Daniil Kvyat Edoardo Mortara
83 AF Corse Ferrari 499P Robert Kubica Robert Shwartzman Yifei Ye
93 Peugeot Peugeot 9X8 Jean-Eric Vergne Mikkel Jensen Nico Muller
94 Peugeot Peugeot 9X8 Stoffel Vandoorne Paul di Resta Loic Duval
99 Proton Porsche 963 Neel Jani Harry Tincknell Julien Andlauer
311 Whelen Cadillac Cadillac V-Series.R Luis Felipe Derani Jack Aitken Felipe Drugovich

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8 comments on “2024 Le Mans 24 Hours entry list confirmed without Vettel”

  1. That’s a lot of cars in the top class. If they manage to replicate the excellent BoP of last year’s event, it’s shaping up to be a great race.

    Bit surprising Toyota didn’t opt for a third car, but I suppose it’s a bit late now to bring a whole new set of drivers up to speed.

    1. Davethechicken
      6th May 2024, 20:17

      This will be the year we really see the difference between the LMP1 to hypercar switch. It was slowly dying with big manufacturers having left so looks very promising for a mega race.
      Who is your money on? I am going to say Toyota. Don’t think Ferrari will do it two years on the bounce but who knows?

    2. Lyndamarks
      7th May 2024, 4:30

      If they manage to replicate the excellent BoP of last year’s event


      Don’t you mean artificial manipulation.

      It’s impossible to take wec seriously because of this as the show over sport artificial gimmick bop makes it about who are handed advantages by the organisers rather than who has produced the best car.

      It’s so frustrating that at a time F1 has turned it’s back on the true fans in favour of the netflix casuals that there’s nowhere else for us to go.

      The saddest part of the sport overall now is that there’s no longer any true alternative to F1 as everything is either full of gimmicks or boring spec categories.

      Interesting how the most popular era’s of the respective categories were when they were more open technically and artificial gimmick free. When they were more about the sport than the show.

      1. BoP is one of two primary reasons why so many teams (manufacturer teams in particular) participate in WEC and other prototype and GT series. The other being marketing exposure.
        You’re not supposed to take it any more seriously than they do. Car racing is entertainment, and they know it.

        Interesting how the most popular era’s of the respective categories were when they were more open technically and artificial gimmick free.

        I’d love to see that claim backed up with some evidence.
        I’d also be interested to know exactly what is your definition of “gimmick” is, as all forms of motorsport are and have been ‘curated’ and ‘managed’ in order to increase competition and provide an entertaining experience for the viewer.

        1. I’d love to see that claim backed up with some evidence.

          So are you really saying that WEC, WRC, F2, F3, Indycar etc… are more popular and have more interest behind them today than they did before they went gimmick or spec?

          Le Mans still draws a good crowd because it’s Le Mans & has that history. Same for the Indy 500.

          But WRC was more popular with more interest behind it in the more open Group B era. WEC was at it’s peak in the Group C era. F2/F3 used to be far bigger series when they were more open with multiple chassis/engines etc… pre-2000’s and in the 70s/80s for example they could run stand-alone and still draw good crowds (Now they have to rely on been an F1 support event to have any interest).

          And then we have Indycar which was far more popular, had far more interest behind it, had a far larger TV audience & was drawing far larger crowds in the more open CART era when it was actually able to be viewed as a real alternative to F1.

          I was around back then and remember when all of these respective series had a far larger buzz behind them and stuff.

      2. Not everyone will like BoP classes. That’s fine.

        LMH and LMDh are a BoP class. Always have been, and the BoP last year at Le Mans was spot on. All the cars were competitive, except maybe Vanwall for obvious reasons.

  2. Alex Palou! Wow! Scott Dixon! YES!
    The participation of such GIANTS of racing should be better promoted and celebrated.

  3. Davethechicken
    6th May 2024, 20:13

    Look forward to it every year.
    Hopefully on Eurosport as in past years
    I see Valentino Rossi is entered in GT this year.

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