2013 F1 testing day 1 in pictures

2013 F1 season

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Pictures from the first day of testing of the 2013 season at Jerez.

See more images from today’s test here:

2013 F1 season

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Images ?? F1 Fanatic | f1fanatic.co.uk

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28 comments on “2013 F1 testing day 1 in pictures”

  1. What kind of tires is the McLaren on? Super Softs? I thought Pirelli was not bringing the Super Softs to this test. Unless those are some sort of filming/demo run tires.

    1. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      5th February 2013, 15:21

      I think it’s just the angle of the sun reflecting off the tyres. They should be the hard – orange – compound.

    2. Chris (@tophercheese21)
      5th February 2013, 15:22

      Although, the shot of the rear end, the tyres do look really quite red. So I dunno what’s going on there.

    3. No filming mate! They are on a hard-day-work!! The tyres btw, are hard (orange). I bet if there should be a race where sS and hard are offered, you will not be alone in your question.

        1. Though it looks like it in the picture, the super soft tyres weren’t taken to Jerez, so it was the hard compound tyre, just in a weird light that makes it look red.

          1. You guys are probably right, they could have just been the hard tires. But the reason I brought it up is that in all the pictures I’ve seen from testing today (not just on this website) the branding looks red to me. With all the other cars though the hard branding actually looks orange, it’s just the McLaren.

  2. love that shot of the Caterham.. keep em coming Keith, thanks!

  3. I thought Hulkenberg left force India? ;)

    1. He did. And what makes you think he did not?

      1. Because the description said “Nico Hulkenberg, Force India, Jerez, 2013” I was just pointing out a mistake.

  4. @jennacorrales
    5th February 2013, 15:04

    Nico Hulkenberg is Sauber now :) These are really great shots, wish I could be there too!

  5. It’s great to see the cars in action again. I have missed them!

  6. Is it just me or that nose one of the Sauber or “Force India” is crooked ? It looks slanted to the right.

    1. Looks like it’s just a shadow which makes it look like that.

  7. I Love the Pope
    5th February 2013, 15:21

    We need some yellow cars again.

  8. Why does Hulkenburg’s Force India got the Sauber livery on it?

  9. Nick Jarvis (@)
    5th February 2013, 15:40

    why does webber have a ‘2’ on his car? i thought alonso came 2nd

    1. Winning constructor gets 1-2; Second place constructor gets 3-4 et cetera (excluding number 13 becuase F1 is apparently triskadekaphobic).

      1. Not quite correct – the winning driver gets No 1 not the winning constructor

    2. @nickj95gb – The drivers’ champion brings with him wherever he goes the no.1 and likewise his teammate carries the no.2 I believe, or if (as was the case in ’93) the champion retires the winning constructor gets the no.2 and the no.1 is left without a driver to use it.

      1. ’93 and ’94. Damon Hill surely must have been the only person to race in consecutive seasons with a number 0 on his car.

  10. You can see the vanity panel coming loose on the Toro Rosso.

  11. That Marussia engine cover.
    I wanna do lewd things to this piece of engineering art.
    I mean, it’s such a pretty part.

  12. @Keith-Collantine Will you also be uploading official pictures released by the teams in the coming days?

  13. What’s the sword shaped thing on top of the T-Bar? Is it some sort of camera (thermal perhaps?)

    1. Its a pitot tube I believe. Like the ones found on aircraft.
      Guess the teams use these to measure the airspeed over the car.

  14. What’s the point of running flo-vis on the tbar? I mean unless lotus are going to come out with a radical new tbar…

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