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2018 F1 season

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Sauber has announced its technical director Jorg Zander has left the team with immediate effect.

The team has not indicated a reason for Zander’s sudden departure. “We would like to thank him for his dedication and we wish Jörg Zander all the best and success for the future,” it said in a statement.

“Until a new organisation will be announced, the various heads of departments and the current project leaders will continue to work on the development of the C37 and the 2019 car with the supervision of Frédéric Vasseur, CEO and team principal.” Last month Sauber appointed Jan Monchaux as its new head of aerodynamics.

Zander previously worked for the team in 2006-07, when it was owned by BMW. His other previous F1 teams include BAR (2002-05), Williams (2005-06) and Honda, later Brawn GP (2008-09). From 2010 until his return to Sauber, Zander worked as an engineering consultant and later technical director for Audi, giving input to its LMP1 World Endurance Championship programme.

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11 comments on “Sauber splits from technical director Zander”

  1. Really strange and sudden move by Sauber at this point, especially after their best result of the season. Even though it hasn’t been a smooth start to the year, one would have hoped that they would given their new technical director a bit more time to assess the evolution of their car and season. I wish this doesn’t hinder their progress this year.

  2. Maybe Ferrari has to do something with his departure. I guess the decision took place before the last race

  3. Mike (@grippgoat)
    3rd May 2018, 2:43

    Maybe he’s accepted a position with another team, and is being forced onto gardening leave?

  4. Come on people, connect the dots. Sauber who carries the Alfa Romeo branding, backed the aero changes for 2019, something which Ferrari were strongly against. Why would he just up and quit, especially when they’re having so far their best season in years?

    Someone had to pay for going against the wishes of Don Marchionne.

    1. something which Ferrari were strongly against

      If Ferrari were strongly against the 2019 aero changes as you claim, it would have never passed. They still have the veto !

    2. Matteo (@m-bagattini)
      3rd May 2018, 13:19

      As far as I can understand, Sauber was not in the pool of teams voting for those changes.

    3. Considering his brief stay at the team, he was there on VAG’s behalf or even Honda eventually the new owners and vasseur went for alfa so goodbye.

  5. Probably going to McLaren.

  6. It only lasted 1 year :(

  7. Most interesting is that Sauber isn’t referring to its 2019 car as the C38…Definitely right that an Alfa deal is coming.

  8. Interesting. He certainly looks highly qualified. Who can they get better?

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