Alfa Romeo team principal Vasseur to miss pre-season testing after positive Covid-19 test

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Alfa Romeo has confirmed its team principal Frederic Vasseur has tested positive for Covid-19 and as a result will not be present at the sole pre-season test at Bahrain International Circuit this week.

Vasseur’s positive test was identified “in the course of his regular schedule of Covid tests”, Alfa Romeo announced in a statement. He subsequently tested negative two days later, and Vasseur is not displaying any symptoms. However, in line with local regulations, he will remain in France and not travel to Bahrain.

Alfa Romeo said the impact of Vasseur’s absence will be limited.

“In the interests of safety of Mr Vasseur himself, the team, all fellow competitors and the whole community and in respect of French regulations, Mr Vasseur will not travel to Bahrain and will continue operating from home for the next seven days, as required by the local authorities,” said the team in a statement.

“Mr Vasseur will be fully operational and connected to the garage for the duration of the test, and no deputy team principal will be named, with no further impact predicted on our operations this week.”

No other Alfa Romeo team members have been affected. Formula 1 Management said the procedures they have laid out with the FIA for managing Covid-19 will “ensure no wider impact on this week’s pre-season test which will continue as planned.”

All 10 teams will participate in the sole, three-day test beginning tomorrow in preparation for the new season.

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Notable positive Covid-19 cases in F1

Date Individual/s Team/other Notes
18/03/2020 One team member McLaren
30/07/2020 Sergio Perez Racing Point Missed British and 70th Anniversary grands prix
08/10/2020 Six team members Mercedes
13/10/2020 Two team members Renault
21/10/2020 Lawrence Stroll Racing Point
21/10/2020 Lance Stroll Racing Point Missed Eifel Grand Prix
30/10/2020 Four team members Racing Point
11/11/2020 Simon Roberts Williams
16/11/2020 Mario Isola Pirelli
26/11/2020 Jonathan Wheatley Red Bull
1/12/2020 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Missed Sakhir Grand Prix
5/1/2021 Lando Norris McLaren
13/1/2021 Charles Leclerc Ferrari
25/1/2021 Toto Wolff Mercedes
31/1/2021 Pierre Gasly AlphaTauri
11/3/2021 Frederic Vasseur Alfa Romeo

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