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Alonso eyeing “massive opportunity” to gain on Perez in championship

2023 Canadian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso says today’s Canadian Grand Prix offers a good opportunity for him and his team to improve their championship positions.

However in the press conference after yesterday’s qualifying session Alonso admitted he could have done better had the red flag in Q3 come out after he crossed the finishing line.

“We’ve been unlucky generally with the red flags today,” said the Aston Martin driver. “In Q1 I think it was one second to see the line and then the red flag came just in that moment.

“In Q3 it was I think four seconds before crossing the line to be in the first row. But well take it.”

Alonso will start the race from the front row as Nico Hulkenberg’s penalty has promoted him to second place. Speaking before that was announced, Alonso said the race will give him a good chance to gain on Sergio Perez who is second in the championship, 18 points ahead of him.

“I see the results and I see Checo starting at the back tomorrow. Also, Charles [Leclerc] not in the top 10, obviously it’s a massive opportunity for us in terms of points for the constructors, and also for the drivers eventually if Checo is not scoring too many points.”

He said he was “extremely happy” with how the team had handled the qualifying session which was made complicated by rain falling at different stages.

“It was very complex qualifying to execute. You need constant communication with the team. Sometimes you feel things on the car but then on TV, or on the pit lane, there are different ideas, so you need that feedback: engineer, driver.

“It was a difficult day but we have a strong chance to score many points, so I’m happy.”

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2023 Canadian Grand Prix

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  1. Electroball76
    18th June 2023, 11:54

    Not bad for a number two driver!

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