Albon questions track limits call which cost him place in Q3

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In the round-up: Alexander Albon has questioned whether the call to delete his fastest lap time in Q2 for a track limits violation was correct.

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Albon questions track limits violation

Albon is not convinced he breached track limits at turn two on his final qualifying lap in Q2. The Williams driver was set to progress to Q3 after setting the ninth-best time in the second stage of qualifying but had his final push lap deleted for exceeding track limits at turn two, the left-hand section of the opening chicane, leaving him in 14th and out of qualifying.

However, Albon is unsure whether he actually had all four wheels outside of the white lines. “I don’t think it was track limits, however I might be wrong,” he said. “Based on the external view of the shot, it looked to me that my rear tyres were still on the white line. However, it is what it is.

“It’s really frustrating but what’s more frustrating is the lack of pace in qualifying – I was four of five tenths slower than I was in FP3, losing a lot of grip, so I almost had to do tyre management to keep the tyres alive into sector three. It was the same from FP1 to FP2 and now FP3 to qualifying, so we really need to look into it.”

Alpine improvement “still too little”

Alpine’s interim team principal Bruno Famin is not yet satisfied with the team’s pace of improvement. Despite the team averaging more than double the points scored per round than in the first half of the season, Famin said it was “it’s still too little.”

“We are still not where we want to be,” he continued. “Last year we were fourth in the championship, today we are sixth and there is no perspective to improve this position until the end of the year. We need to really progress.

“I’m happy with the improvement of the team on the track side. But we still have a lot to do to really improve our level. That’s why we’re working hard in improving the things at the factories and trying to get the best out of our next car.”

Mexican GP donates aid to hurricane victims

The Mexican Grand Prix organisers have contributed to a collective effort to donate 50 tons of humanitarian aid to those affected by Hurricane Otis in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

Dozens have been killed and thousands have been left without power from the hurricane, which struck at the start of the week. Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has also called on his fellow Mexicans on social media to donate in support of those affected by the storm.

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Comment of the day

After Christian Horner admitted F1 needs to be honest with itself about the shortcomings of the sprint race format, Jonathan suggests making Friday that day of sprint activity…

I think they should do it all on a Friday. Have a practice, a sprint shootout then a sprint and also make it a separate championship. Then on Saturday practice then qualifying then grand prix on Sunday. This way they could test all the ideas they want to try e.g. reverse grids and those who want to watch it can do and those who like it the normal way of practice, qualifying then race and just tune in for that.

The only reason I have watched the sprints is because it has points for the championships. Although I have to say the sprint shootout is better than a waste of time FP2 stuck under parc ferme rules.

As I have always said: I don’t mind when it’s a sprint weekend and I don’t miss it when it’s not.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Gavin Brown and Striay!

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6 comments on “Albon questions track limits call which cost him place in Q3”

  1. I’d be okay with a separate points count for sprints, but the format itself is working adequately well, so ”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  2. I agreed with Alex about not being informed fast enough about exceeding track limits in COTA because drivers cant really see the line so I am very curious how he is so confident he didnt exceed them this week!?!

  3. Small adjustments:
    Use last year’s car.
    Put aspiring F1 drivers in the cockpit
    Televise free-to-air.

    There you go, perfect.

  4. I understand the preference to get the Sprint event over before starting race quali.
    But then I’d dedicate Saturday to Sprint racing and Sunday as GP day with quali in the morning and the race later that day.

  5. I watched the Qualifying video maybe a dozen times and I have to admit I suspect the Stewards did get this right, but as far as I can tell the only video they have is from Alex’s onboard, which doesn’t show him definitely over the white line. It would be nice if the Stewards would actually show the offence from a better camera angle.

  6. I agree with the Comment of the Day. The Sprint Race should be a separate championship. I also like the idea of the Sprint Shoot Out and Sprint Race all being done in one day too. That should allow a break in the parc fermé rules between the Sprint sessions and the Race sessions so teams can make adjustments to their car.

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