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Arena and Chilton to the WTCC?

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    I read in this week’s Autosport that the Arena team (currently competing under the Team AON) banner will most likely compete in the WTCC next year, and that Tom Chilton will almost certainly be one of the drivers if this happens.

    I’m not a fan of Chilton, but it will be sad to see him leave after ten years in the BTCC, and it will also be a shame to lose a quality team like Arena, but at least the current grid is large enough to absorb such a loss.

    Bradley Downton

    I agree, this is a real shame, but all the time, teams are coming in.
    There’s also talk they will take Onslow-Cole, and this upsets me, because T.O-C is right for the BTCC, he has however expressed serious interest in moving onto bigger and better things, so this wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    I think it would be a great shame for these three to move on, (i dont follow the WTCC anyway near as much) but if this is going to futher the careers of all involved, i hope they succeed.


    IMO WTCC isnt bigger than BTCC anymore, theres few manufactures in it and just seems to be a big Chevy advertisement

    I hope all stay in the BTCC or there’ll be a huge mistake


    With Chilton as my favourite driver and Arena as my favourite team, I’m obviously disappointed! It would be a shame for the BTCC if it doesn’t have any Fords in 2012, especially as they’re one of the most successful manufacturers in the series.

    Honda at the moment are the only confirmed factory team, we’re yet to see if RML Chevrolet can get a budget together to run either a turbo-charged Cruze or even a full NGTC car. There have been rumours going around for a while now that MG or Toyota could fund a works effort in the BTCC but it remains to be seen if this is made a reality.


    Apparently its the NGTC issue that is making them look at leaving: Arena can’t currently afford to make three new NGTC Ford Chassis, so they’re taking the S2000 chassis with the NGTC engine to the WTCC for now.


    Chilton momentarily changed his Twitter name from “TomChiltonBTCC” to “TomChiltonWTCC”, saying “look I’ve changed my name ;)” before deleting that tweet, changing to it “TomChiltonX” or something generic like that, and saying “changed my name because it’s easier to say”.

    To be honest, he’s moving. Either that or he’ll look very stupid. Frankly, it’s the logical step, but I can’t help feel a title push was about to happen on his part… I remember he was on Take Me Out a couple of years back, and said he was desperate to do WTCC.


    Anything that removes Tom Chilton from racing regularly in the UK is good in my book. I can’t stand him. He won’t be a loss to the BTCC, there are plenty of people who’ll take his place.

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