Going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

Going to the 2012 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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    Hi Christopher,

    3rd GP for the year!! Where else have you been this year mate?

    Will be the 2nd for me after Melbourne this year. I have V2 tickets, opposite the pits in the main grandstand.
    I think the idea of being able to sit where ever you want of the Friday is excellent and will start with the esses then go from there.

    Mid season break is a tad too long IMO but stocked that we are back on now. Love the circuit at Spa and would love to see Webber on top, but will throw it out there and say will will see a Lotus wit the trophy this weekend (IF it stays dry!!)



    Hi Garns,

    I have gone to Chinese Grand Prix & going for the Singapore GP (Bay grandstand) this year.

    It’s my first time heading to the Japanese Grand Prix and definitely looking forward to it. Will be going to Turn 1 /Esses & Spoon on Fri. Unfortunately will be planning to miss Sat to make my wife happy visiting Nagoya sights & G2 stands for Sunday.

    Although i’m a big Mclaren fan, will be equally happy if Kimi wins it for Lotus this weekend :)


    I’ll be at this race, first one in Japan, been to the Melbourne GP twice.
    I’ll be taking the bus from Amagasaki for the Sunday only, and getting the special Kamui ticket, not sure where I’m sitting, maybe the Kamui cheer squad stand?

    Ad Hoc

    Hi guys!

    Just got my ticket today, I’m flying there from Melbourne.

    Got a question to ask you: I’d really love to access the circuit on Thursday, but my ticket seems to be a 3-days ticket only. Will I have access to the circuit nonetheless?

    If not, what are my options?

    Thanks for your replies!


    Yes your seat will be “Kamui cheer stand” at C2.
    You can see the second corner and the S-curve there.

    Ad Hoc
    Anyone who has the ticket can access to the circuit on Thursday.

    The main gate of the circuit will open at 08:00
    Pit lane walk:09:00-11:30(the last admission is 11:15)
    East Course walk:09:00-12:30(the last admission is 11:30)
    Pit lane walk for family:11:30-12:30(with children of junior high school age or under. The last admission is 12:15)
    Autograph session:16:00-17:00(participants are chosen by lottery)
    At the entrance of the circuit you will get a special postcard and the postcard is also the lottery ticket and the entrance ticket for the East Course walk. Elected persons for the autograph session will be announced on screens at around 13:15.

    Ad Hoc

    Thanks a lot Tigerlily!


    You are welcome Ad Hoc!

    Information of Thursday is here but it’s only in Japanese…
    I can’t find any English information at this moment. I’m sorry on behalf of Japanese for inconvenience to non-Japanese people.

    I hope you enjoy the race!


    Thanks tigerlilly, looking forward to the GP!


    You are welcome יֹאשִׁיָּהוּ
    You will get original goods for “Kamui cheer stand”, it may be t-shirt and flag or like that. You will get a photo card signed by Kamui Kobayashi too.
    Enjoy the race!

    Ad Hoc

    Thanks for the info! It’s true there is a real lack of information for foreigners, but it could be worse really :)

    I’ll maybe have access to the paddock on Thursday, that’s why I was asking. We’ll see… Oh and I’ll be in grandstand R, so if someone wants to meet, I’d be more than happy to!

    Ad Hoc

    Anybody will be in Grandstand R? Let me know, we can team up! :)


    I am currently in Tokyo and have been in the country since last friday morning. Since I have been here I have had a few issues with booking train tickets to and from the circuit Friday to Sunday. I am saying in Naygoya.

    Apparently race day the trains are chaos so wanted to book reserved tickets on the train. There are 2 lines to the track (or close buy anyway) one being the JR Line and the other the Kintetsu line.

    It is important to note the the JR line is the “national line” and reserve tickets can be booked from any station in Japan. If you book on the JR line there is a change over to another line that has a small cost. So if you take this option book as soon as you get to Japan.

    The Kintetsu Line is the other option, and as pointed out by Australian before the line from Naygoya to Shiroko station with a quick bus ride or taxi the best option. The issue he is that as the Kintetsu line is a private line and can only be booked through them. There are outlets in stations all over Japan but when I went in and enquired about tickets was told these can only be booked in Naygoya Station. That didn’t make sense to me but was told they could help me.

    Due to meeting friends we have gone from Tokyo to Kyoto and back again. I made a special stop in Nagoya on the way back just to book reverse seats and I think worth the effort.

    MY tip is that if you are happy to go the JR line (that may be a bit longer due to change over) book ASAP after you get to Japan. If you are looking and Shiroko station then book first thing when you hit Nagoya. You have to book time which is a bit of a pain depending on how much fun you are having, but seems better than waiting for the next one available and standing for one hour after a big day.

    If anyone knows a better way for next time I am all ears.

    Pretty pumped up now and upgraded from V2 to the Paddock Club. Did hurt the bank balance but life is too short. Go Webber :)


    Ty Ishibashi

    Went to last years Japanese GP.
    Had a blast!
    I too was concerned and worried about train tickets, but now I know.
    I was overly concerned about getting my train tickets asap but there is really no need for that, in fact when you ask to buy tickets ahead of time they look at you kind of strange.
    Most of the locals buy their tickets when they are ready to travel, that way there is no need to plan your day around your ticketed travel time. Most time there are really no long waits. Not to mention they will fill the train to the maximum and when they do that they are proud of it.

    Here is how we got to the Suzuka circuit. Kintetsu limited express from Nagoya to Tsu then, we bought Mitetsu rail tickets at Tsu to Suzuka circuit Inou station then walked the last half hour. It cost a little more and took a little longer but it was easy.
    If not you’d have to transfer from Shiroko station to a bus or
    JR rail tickets from Nagoya towards Suzuka (JR does not go all the way to Suzuka circuit Inou station) then continue to Suzuka circuit Inou station via Mitetsu rail where once at the Suzuka circuit Inou station they make you pay for the Mitetsu leg of the trip.

    All in all, not super easy but well worth it…


    Thanks for joining in here everyone, there’s a new thread for next year’s race here:

    Going to the 2013 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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