IndyCar and the 1995 CART calendar

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    Here’s a great article by Marshall Pruett on how the 1995 CART calendar – the last before the split – should serve as a blueprint for future IndyCar schedules as the series finds its feet again:

    Here’s how the calendar looked in 1995:

    Bicentennial Park, Miami (Street)
    Surfers’ Paradise (Street)
    Phoenix (1-mile oval)
    Long Beach (Street)
    Nazareth (1-mile oval)
    Indianapolis (2.5-mile oval)
    Milwaukee (1-mile oval)
    Belle Isle, Detroit (Street)
    Portland (Road)
    Elkhart Lake (Road)
    Toronto (Street)
    Cleveland (Road)
    Michigan (2-mile oval)
    Mid-Ohio (Road)
    New Hampshire (1-mile oval)
    Vancouver (Street)
    Laguna Seca (Road)

    I must say I love the look of that calendar. No high-banked 1.5-milers, lots of classic venues, great mix of road, street and oval that makes IndyCar what it is.


    This goes back to my post in your previous IndyCar article.

    I think 1996 is the most ideal year, but the CART calendar throughout the 1990s was pretty class. If they could just take away downforce, they could return to faster ovals, but for the most part they should be avoided. As they usually are anyway.


    It really looks like a good callendar. The only thing about the IndyCar callendar I’d want though is that the planned race here in my city (that GP Mercosul thing) really does take place! It it planned to be the season opener next year, but talks have kinda died down recently…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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