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With only 20 days left until Xmas these are the presents we’re hoping for the most – from DVDs to Lego and… erm… a mouse mat.

So, what’s Santa bringing you?

F1 2006 DVD review – “Once Again” ?ܣ19.99

Relive the 2006 season with almost four hours of fantastically high-quality footage. No, they still haven’t sorted out the commentary, but it’s basically great.

Lego Ferrari F1 racer, 1:10 scale – ?ܣ69.99

Does it get any better than Ferrari Formula One Lego? Not only does this cracking model look the part but it comes with all the sponsors decals too. We also like the team truck set with F1 car and mechanics.

“Grand Prix – 40th Anniversary Edition” DVD – ?ܣ16.99

John Frankenheimer’s 1966 classic is probably the best motor racing film ever made. After some public lobbying this brilliant two-disc DVD set was released this year. Fantastic stuff.

Autocourse 2006 – ?ܣ40

As ever, the landmark annual F1 publication. Essential, even if it might be a tight fit for a festive stocking.

1970-79 season reviews box set – ?ܣ149.99

The ten Brunswick F1 reviews from the seventies collected into one mammoth DVD box set. Grab the lot and go nostalgia crazy.

Scalextric F1 – ?ܣ99.99

Yes, it costs a fair bit but you get a pair of smartly detailed cars (McLaren and Ferrari – so it’ll be a pretty one-sided race) and the track configuration is a damn site better than the Tilke-dromes…

GTR2 (PC DVD-ROM) – ?ܣ29.99

The official F1 racing game for the Playstation is rubbish. Give this cracking PC racer a shot instead. It features lots of familiar circuits from the F1 calendar and the cars of the FIA GT series.

Carbon Fibre Mouse Mat – ?ܣ250

The ultimate in preposterous F1 excess from the official F1 shop. If you’ve got 250 notes that you just can’t get rid of, an F1-inscribed carbon fibre mouse mat will take care of them.

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