F1 in the blogs 35: The biggest Raikkonen fan?

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I’m sure there’s plenty of competition for the title of Kimi Raikkonen’s No. 1 fan – but I think I’ve found a strong candidate.

Plus a blogger from the US says good riddance to F1 – and why Jenson Button might be thinking the same.

F1 Fanatic’s Post of the Week

2007 British Grand Prix Highlights

Those of you who saw the ‘Banner-rama’ feature will recognise Evenstar’s banner which she spotted over here. It’s fair to say she’s rather fond of Kimi Raikkonen

More F1 in the blogs

Nigel Mansell “Smokes” A BMW Sauber F1 Car At Silverstone – Silverstone hero Mansell works up the crowd at BMW’s Pit Lane park.

Coulthard to sell $70m Monaco hotel – Scottish racer to put Columbus up for sale.

A bad day for media hype – The British press didn’t get the result it wanted at Silverstone.

Honda, Espionage and Positive PR – Looks like Jenson Button wants out…

Speedway eliminates Formula One race – One American viewer is not sorry to see F1 leave Indianapolis.

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  1. Hi Evenstar – I think it’s fair to say you’re getting your 15 minutes of fame :)

  2. Wish I could find a woman who loved racing this much.

  3. Where have you been looking, Wesley?

  4. Maybe I was wrong about not putting dating ads on the site…

  5. Yeah, that’ll be a great idea actually, Keith. You know how it’s every man’s dream to meet a woman who loves racing like he does lol

  6. Well,I do live in the U.S.-do you guys know what NASCAR women are like?(YIKES !)

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