Debate: Where will you watch the last race?

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It’s the big one this weekend – the 2007 season finale at Interlagos in Brazil will decide the championship between Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.

So where will you be watching? Down the pub with your mates? On the sofa with all the non-fans ushered out of the room? Perhaps you’re going to the track?

I’ll be taking up station on the sofa as usual although I will miss what in Britain is a rare opportunity to go to bar and be able to expect to see the race – usually nothing shunts football out of the way.

But with Hamilton up for the title, and the race on at a drinking-friendly time, plenty of places are going to show it.

I prefer being able to watch it properly though – switching to the radio to fill-in the bits during advert breaks, and keeping an eye on the timing screens.

Where will you be watching – and who will you be watching with? What time is the race on where you are?

Surely you’re not going to miss it?

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40 comments on “Debate: Where will you watch the last race?”

  1. il be watching it in my house on the sofa with a couple cans i dont think you can really watch a grand prix properly in a pub

  2. As usual, I’ll be propping the arm of the sofa up with a cup of cocoa and a packet of Hob Nobs. The laptop’ll be on and tuned into live timing. I may have drink afterwards though, if anything to celebrate the end of a tumultuous season.

  3. I will watch it at home with the only mate I have who also is interested in F1. He will be hoping for a Kimi miracle, while I will cross my fingers for Alonso.

  4. I don’t think F1 and the Pub go together, you need to have all the information and watch every part of it, unlike football where you can feel the action building and then pay attention. If you miss some information regarding pit strategy, race position it can confuse you like mad. I will be at home, like Ollie, I will have sunday lunch filp open the laptop and settle down for a afternoon of high drama. I have a serious feeling of “Mansell nerves” about this one, I think like Ben Evans commented on, fate will probably decide this one, and just hope and prey for reliability for Lewis!

    I can’t wait!

  5. Hopefully England will both have the F1 & Rugby World Champions…

  6. I will watch at home, in the living room, with my parents. There will be a plate of Mum’s best cooking on the table, my green folder of race notes and statistics on one side of it and a book on the other side in case things get a little dull.

  7. Oh, I forgot to mention that i’ll be trying to watch the race through the protests of my two young boys who, no doubt, will be wanting to watch cbeebies!

  8. I will be watching on the Sofa (well I would I guess)!

    I am gathering a select group of 6 (at last count) for a beer fueled Formula 1 party.

    We will for sure play Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain just before the start as well, just to really get us in the mood, and there may be some classic race videos for afterwards as well.

  9. Having a Grand Prix party with a load of mates :D Get some beers in, should be a great night!

  10. I’m stuck at uni, in a flat where I’m the only F1 fan. So I guess I’ll be in room… alone. At least it’ll be a good race! :)

  11. Paul Sainsbury
    15th October 2007, 13:24

    I will be watching with a fellow F1 nut, and then we are going straight to a gig-Justin Currie who was the singer in Del Amitri. So we REALLY need to Lewis to win, as Justin’s songs can be a bit on the melancholy side……

    It is going to be a great night I’m sure.

  12. I say come on South Africa & Kimi/Alonso….watching in comfort of living room with live timimg & non-english commentary

  13. another lewis fan
    15th October 2007, 14:29

    I will be watching it perched on the edge of my sofa seat(with the possibility of a hangover if england win rugby final)but i expect we will be visiting the pub again when lewis wins championship!.cant wait! COME ON LEWIS!

  14. In all honesty the chances of England pulling another hat-trick on the formidable Springboks are close to non and therefore I’m expecting a very sad Saturday. However if Lewis doesn’t do it for the Brits as well on Sunday! I don’t know, that will officially be the Black Weekend for me (and many others), So COME ON LEWIS, do it for us mate. I’ll be perched on my sofa rooting for HAMILTON!! (oh the tension, I can hardly wait).

  15. It’ll be 1AM here when the race starts.

    Not that that matters. Hahaha!

    Me and my dad will be staying up to watch it. I’ll watch old F1 races before that so I don’t fall asleep. I’ll have a nice bottle of good old Coke with a plate of sliced cheese right beside me, and if the free WiFi is around, I’ll also tune in to live timing. :)

  16. Captain Caveman
    15th October 2007, 16:54

    It would have to be at home, doors locked and surround sounds turned on. No distrurbances what so ever, so the phone will be off the hook :-).

    anyway, just where can you get the live timing information. is it ?

  17. In my house in Madrid enjoying with Williams and Fernando too!!

    Everybody knows.. England as only two good F1 teams: Williams and the test’s team of Williams!!

    Best wishes from Spain! Let’s go Fernando!

    See you in

  18. On the sofa, watching through my fingers…

  19. I’ll be at home with the girlfriend and the laptop for the live timing and a few cans… the pub and F1 don’t really go together.

    also good luck to England and the world cup!

    F1 RULES!!


    (needed to make the point that rugby isn’t as important as F1)

    Captain Caveman. you can find live timing on and find live timing… you will need to run java.

    hope that helps you out.

  20. Hmm… no cable at home to watch it in the States- plus the SpeedTV commentators are a joke. I’ll be trying to avoid all news of the race until I can get a copy of the iTV coverage Sunday night!

  21. Well I’ve just put the race in the planner – and will watch it lying in bed – and if hamilton win’s it’s me on the breakfast – maybe some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs washed down with a nice sparkling chardonnay – and if hamilton looses – it will be a consolation breakfast – plenty time too sleep when england are kicking/oops playing rugby – go hamilton – gooo!!!

  22. oops sorry are england playing the day before – sorry – not been at that wine yet honest

  23. AmericanTifosi
    15th October 2007, 22:22

    I might be writing a research paper, so I might miss it. If not I’ll be at a Maserati dealer with the other scarce American F1 fans. I was there untill 3am watching the Chinese GP. I got to celebrate a Ferrari victory by sitting in one.
    Forza Kimi!

  24. AmericanTifosi do you have to pretend that you are going to buy a maserati to be able to watch the race, if so they might cotton on when you don’t turn up when the season finishes :)

  25. I could take a bus and go watch it on the track, since I live about 1 hour away from Interlagos, but then I´d miss the details, so, I´ll share the good old sofa with my father (another F1-addicted) and we´ll root for a great race. I just hope Massa doesn´t ruin it all by winning the race and snatching away a title party from Hamilton or Alonso… It´d be great if the winner is also the champion. (Not ruling Kimi out, but if he has a situation of becoming the champion, Massa will definitely NOT win the race.)

  26. Well, I’ll be watching it at home it at home with a couple of cold cans. At last this year’s saga will be ending. May the best win and according to me, that should be Raikkonen, but my brain is telling me that Hamilton will be World Champion. So much has been said, so much has been written and so much will still has to be written and said. It’s now all to the last race!

  27. AmericanTifosi
    16th October 2007, 1:19

    No Ratboy, there is a group of fans that meet there. Even if I wanted to buy a Maserati, I couldn’t fool anyone into thinking I’m a buyer mainly because I’m a 16 year old girl! I will show up though, research paper or no. We Americans have to go to great lengths to watch races if we don’t want to pay upwards of fifty bucks a month for the only channel that shows it!
    May the best Finn win!

  28. AmericanTifosi
    16th October 2007, 1:21

    Fussball, I feel your pain. The SPEED annoucers are a joke. I don’t even have a TV, much less cable.

  29. I’ll be watching it in the family room with the surround sound up hi. It will finally be at a reasonable hour here in California. My wife likes to watch too, so we will have a good time screaming and yelling at the TV.

  30. Here the race will be 2am Monday morning, will be watching in a friend’s bar who is going to keep it open late (or early) especially for the race. He has wireless internet there so watching live timing will not be a problem … the sofas not so comfortable though :-)

    unfortunatelly will have to put up with Start Sports and their commenatry by Mr Slater … I hope that guy falls asleep and does not make it to the studio

  31. i think brasil is more or less in the same time zone, so sunday afternoon, hopefully with the ac off again, the windows open, breeze blowing and in the commercial breaks taking care of the stuff i couldn’t do the rest of the week. i like brasil and canada and indy (bye bye). i can function like a normal person the rest of the day. it makes the following week a little more sane.

    but, it is the last race and even though i’ve been begrudginly praying for this day this year (don’t usually)i feel sort of worse than usual. this should have been the kind of year it promised to be in march. this should have been one of the better ones. i miss what was lost.

  32. The race should be on here at 9 in the morning, so that’s a great time compared to usually waking up 5 in the morning, not that I really mind. I’m hoping for a rainy race, chaos, great racing, and Kimi coming out on top! I’ll be very disappointed if it’s just like most of the races this year, that is, no passing at the front.

    And I’m already looking forward to next season! Luckily I have football (American) and basketball to keep me entertained until then.

  33. I’ll be watching Ferrari’s 10th victory of the season in the comfort of my room.
    Moreover I’ll be in constant touch with a friend on my mobile, who’s a McLaren buff.

    Kimi rip them apart!!!

    I stand corrected, Ferrari’s 9th victory that is!

  34. I cant believe it the last race of the season not only is it on my birthday BUT also my friends HEN NIGHT which is of course going to be in BLACKPOOL !! and guess wat yep I was nearly going to miss the race oh my god!!! they want to do shopping on race day as b****dy if

    p.s i do love my best freind but its race wkend

    oh and by the way I dont think Ferrai will be celebrating any type of victory shame Kimi drives for them

  35. I wanna see Hamilton losing and Ron dennis crying.. I hope Alonso clinches the title so I can give a treat to one of my friend who is a Ferrari Buff[:D]

  36. Sadly I won’t be watching the final race. I’ll be visiting relatives who don’t own a TV!!! But they have internet oddly enough.

    So, anyone who can get parts of the race onto YouTube without too much delay will be a hero in my eyes. ;)

  37. Alistair Aldridge
    17th October 2007, 2:43

    I should be on the couch mac on lap watching TSN in Markham, ON, Canada. I use SpeedChanel as ad filler and yes I preffer Martin Brundle commentating on TSN! At least he gets to drive the ‘beasts’ (cars) on ocasion and knows the drivers on a peer level. And I suspect he could realy spice up the commentary reguarding the drivers foibles! Finaly being English living in Canada and almost Finnish may the best driver Finnish first!

  38. I will be watching the final GP in company with a crowd of us at Silverstone Racing Club – at least there EVERYONE is interested in motorsport – and we are sitting right by the track where we all were in July this year!

  39. I will be at home, in Devon, proping up the armchair, laptop on one side with the live timing, vodka and ciggies on the other, with everyone banned from the house.

    FIA GT race from Zolder, on Men and Motors, then the Grand Prix on ITV, followed almost straight away, by the Subway 500 on Satanta.

    How does that song go…… I’m in heaven, I’m in heaven…………..

  40. If i miss the race because i had an accident….where can i see the replay?
    Could anyone tell me a site related to all formula1 races? I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE LAST RACE AGAIN….thx

    P.S Send me an email at [email protected]

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