2008 German Grand Prix: predictions

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If one of F1’s top four drivers in the championship wins the German Grand Prix they’re likely to become the new leader in the title race.

Will Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa, Kimi Raikkonen or Robert Kubica take the win? Could Heikki Kovalainen or Nick Heidfeld claim their first victories and become the 100th different Grand Prix driver to do it?

Or will we get a surprise winner from elsewhere in the field? Read my predictions and make yours below.

On paper, the Hockenheimring should be a Ferrari circuit. It’s prime Hermann Tilke territory – a smooth surface with a medium to high downforce configuration.

Ferrari has excelled in recent years by building cars that work best on tracks like this, F1’s average circuit, with a lot of medium-speed corners and maybe one decent length of straight.

McLaren had a promising test session here last week but has chosen to discard one of its potential new modifications – an extended rear engine cover, as first seen on the Red Bull RB4. (Curiously, Toyota ran a similar part for the first time at the test and drew the same conclusion).

Kovalainen seemed especially comfortable with the new developments on the car at Silverstone – as long as the weather remained dry at least. Neither he nor Hamilton have raced here in F1, although that’s not likely to cause them too many problems, especially as both have extensive experience of the track from junior formulae.

Nevertheless in dry conditions I would bet on a Ferrari one-two with perhaps only Hamilton’s McLaren likely to spoil their party.

But we’ve had some unpredictable weather recently and at the time of writing Germany looks set for more of the same (see the weather thread on the forum for more). If it rains again, put your money on Hamilton and Kubica.

My top three prediction:

1. Kimi Raikkonen
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Felipe Massa

The eagle-eyed among you will notice it was also my prediction for the last race, and it was totally wrong…

Last time no-one predicted Heidfeld in second or Barrichello in third but the following correctly place Hamilton in first: Toby, Mick, F1freak, Matt, John, Andrew, Becken, Wesley, Trig and Frank B. What are your predictions for this weekend?

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58 comments on “2008 German Grand Prix: predictions”

  1. 1] Felipe Massa
    2] Kimi Raikkonen
    3] Robert Kubica

  2. 1) Felipe Massa
    2) Kimi Raikkonen
    3) Lewis Hamilton

  3. 1}Lewis Hamilton
    2}Kimi Raikonnen
    3}Felipe Massa

  4. 1. Kimi Raikkonen
    2. Nick Heidfeld
    3. Lewis Hamilton

  5. diseased rat
    18th July 2008, 8:34

    Strange to see people putting Massa at the top. I suppose you’re hopeful for a dry race then? I think we’ll see the super focused Raikkonen this weekend so I’ll go for this line up.

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Kimi Raikkonen
    3. Nick Heidfeld

  6. Given the last two test sessions (Silverstone and Hockenheim) have been positive for McLaren, I’m going to stick my neck out:

    1. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Felipe Massa
    3. Heikki Kovalainen

  7. 1. Kimi Raikkonen
    2. Mark Webber
    3. Robert Kubica

    But only if it rains.

  8. 1. Nick Heidfeld
    2. Jenson Button
    3. Robert Kubica

  9. 1. Heidfield
    2. Kubica
    3. Heikki

  10. 1. Kimi
    2. Heidfeld
    3. Heikki

    Lewis DNF

  11. 1. Hamilton
    2. Heidfeld
    3. Räikkönen

    Heikki battling with Massa for fourth.

    … Massa spinning.

  12. 1. Hamilton
    2. Massa
    3. Kubica

    Raikkonen DNF

  13. 1) Massa
    2) Hamilton
    3) Kubica

  14. 1. Hamilton
    2. Kubica
    3. Alonso

    Kimi’s Hockenheim curse to continue & Massa to fall off ;)

  15. Got to go with Kimmi this time ’round. I think he’s going all out for the win. The first corner is pivotal though. Once he’s through there, I think he’s good with getting in the quick laps before pitting.

    1) Raikkonen
    2) Hamilton
    3) Kubica

    I think Massa will be out to prove something as well, and if it’s dry, he’ll push them hard.

  16. 1. Kimi Raikkonen
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. Felipe Massa

  17. 1) Raikkonen
    2) Hamilton
    3) Alonso

  18. My Prediction:
    1. Kubica
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Alonso

    It will be a wet race and Massa will spun 6 times (one more than Silverstone! ;)),Mclaren will falter again on safety car strategy costing Lewis the 3rd place finish, Kovi trying to overtake Trulli, will give Neidfield a way to move up to fifth. Webber will finally be able to beat Trulli at the last lap.Great Prediction…what say? :D

  19. it too difficult to say who will win if it rains….

  20. 1.Hamilton

    Who misses the old Hockenheim?

  21. silvermask97
    18th July 2008, 12:22


  22. In dry conditions:
    1-Massa (if he is not spinning)

    In wet conditions:

  23. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    18th July 2008, 12:32

    according to the bbc forecast thers a chance of wet qualifying too, which would mix up the gird.

    if its a wet race im going for


    if its dry


  24. I would like it wet, and that HamYRton strikes again…

  25. Mine are:

    1. Kimi
    2. Lewis
    3. Nick

  26. Either wet or Dry, I guess it is very unlikely for the Ferraris to make mistakes this time (as they’ve made enough already). But, I feel Raikkonen will have a clean race this time.

    My bet is


    Massa can steal second or thrid place, if he makes no mistakes and same holds good for Heikki if he finds some good luck!!!

  27. Kubica

  28. If it is dry

    If it is wet

  29. I’ll have a punt at it this week.

    1. Hamilton
    2. Kimi
    3. Kovi
    4. Massa

    Just a wild stab in the dark. If it’s wet, and the teams don’t make stupid strategic mistakes, I think it’ll be close between the Maclarens and the Ferraris, with Ham and Kimi pulling away from Kovi and Massa.

  30. 1.hamilton
    3.kovi or kubi

    i think mcl is going to make sure everyone’s got it all together. i’d love to see bmw place both drivers on the podium but, i’m just not sure they can pull it off.

    if it snows:


  31. After see the practices I think Lewis seems to be dominant in any conditions this weekend:

    1. Lewis
    2. Heikky
    3. Heidfeld

    1. Massa (6 spins [new record]
    2. Kimi (4 spins)
    3. Mark Webber (3 spins)

    Winner in wet: Lewis

  32. If it snows! Ahaha!

  33. Dry
    1. Hamilton
    2. Kovalainen
    3. Raikkonen

    1. Heidfeld
    2. Hamilton
    3. Alonso

  34. Kubica proved to be no Senna in Silverstone but I think hes still got it so


  35. Dry


  36. 2 Spins for Massa if it rains

  37. 1. Kubica
    2. Kovalainen
    3. Heidfeld

  38. Snows!!! What woz dat!

    1. Kimi
    2. Ham
    3. Massa
    4. Kubica
    5. Alonso
    6. Heikki
    7. Heifeld
    (ok i will just estop here) :D

  39. 1. Raikkonen
    2. Heidfeld
    3. Alonso

    Hamilton will short fuel for pole but get caught up in the traffic and put himself into the back of Massa.

  40. 1. Hamilton
    2. Massa
    3. Kimi
    4. Kubica
    5. Alonso
    6. Weber
    7. Heidfeld
    8. Vettel

  41. If Dry:

    1: Hamilton
    2: Kimi
    3: Heikki

    If rain:

    1: Hamilton
    2: Heidfeld
    3: Kimi

    If snow:

    1: Kubica
    2: Alonso
    3: Hamilton

    If hale:

    1: Kimi
    2: Kubica
    3: Barachello

    If tornado:

    1: Roseberg
    2; Vettel
    3: Webber

    If hurricane:

    1: DC
    2: Barachello
    3: Button

    If hell freezes over:
    1: Sutil
    2: Piquet Jr.
    3: Le Seb

  42. From wearher forecast it seems we r getting another wet race…and many here are picking up Alonso as podium contender.Will renault indeed enjoy their 1st podium this year(1st after Brazil 2006 i guess)?

  43. Dry:


  44. Dan Brunell: LOL

    But If it Tornado or Hurricane I´ll put all my money in Felipe. He has the better background (Don’t you remember his masterpiece at Silverstone?) for this kind of weather conditions…

  45. Nirupam: Kovalainen was 2nd in Fuji (I guess) with Renault last year…

    My predictions:

    1 – Massa
    2 – Raikkonen
    3 – Hamilton

    1 – Hamilton
    2 – Alonso
    3 – Barrichello

  46. In saturday we’ll find out more, but Kubica-Heidfeld-Hamilton could fight for first three places.

  47. Kimi wins from 2nd or 3rd on the grid. The F2008 is still quicker than the silvers on dry. It will be dry on Sunday.

    I agree w/ Keith entirely:

    1) Kimi
    2) Lewis
    3) Massa

  48. 1) Hamilton
    2) Massa
    3) Unknown – possibly Kovy, or a BMW

    1 – Lewis will be strong post-home-race-Silverstone and will probably still be revelling in glory. His confidence will have had a major boost.

    2 – Massa, because (and I hope) he needs to rectify Silverstone and prove he can do something about this championship. I didn’t say Kimi, that’s not to discount him, but Kimi has next-to-webber luck.

    3 – I say possibly Kovy, he needs a strong result, and I hope he can get a decent result this GP. Unless something happens to him, a BMW will be there to swipe it.

    My want-on prediction:

    1) Kimi
    2) Massa
    3) Kubica

    …all within 6 seconds of each other.

  49. edit: not 6, I meant to punch 3.

  50. 1)kimi

  51. My bet Kimi . Massa , Nick

  52. Dry:
    1. Hamilton
    2. Massa
    3. Räikkönen

    1. Hamilton
    2. Alonso
    3. Kovalainen

  53. Yes win for the swiss nation lewis-federer is supporting you-stevenage isnt

  54. Dry race:

    1. Raikkonen
    2. Hamilton
    3. Massa

    Wet race:

    1. Heidfeld
    2. Hamilton
    3. Kubica

  55. im on holiday in south france took tis exert out of a french rag in monaco.


    Federer had shown incredible hunger of his own to go there and win it again and again but it was impossible to match what Nadal has after he had done it so many times. I can associate with that. I haven’t won the formula one world championship but it’s something I want to do so passionately for my new adopted country”

  56. 1.hamilton

    If the above comments are true then this boy has let people down again

  57. Dan Brunel and Becken make a valid arguement, if a tornado hits Massa’s spins may counter its effects, ergo he could dominate a hurricane hit race weekend.

  58. Dan Brunell: PIQUET JR. WAS SECOND!!! Hell will be a little bit colder from know on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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