Championship positions after the German German Prix

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Lewis Hamilton takes a four-point lead in the drivers’ championship with his win in the German Grand Prix. Felipe Massa is second ahead of team mate Kimi Raikkonen.

Ferrari remain the team to beat in the constructors’ championship but McLaren have closed to within four points of second-placed BMW. And the battle for fourth place is getting even closer.

Drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton 58
Felipe Massa 54
Kimi Raikkonen 51
Robert Kubica 48
Nick Heidfeld 41
Heikki Kovalainen 28
Jarno Trulli 20
Mark Webber 18
Fernando Alonso 13
Rubens Barrichello 11
Nelson Piquet Jnr 10
Kazuki Nakajima 8
Nico Rosberg 8
David Coulthard 6
Sebastian Vettel 6
Timo Glock 5
Jenson Button 3
Sebastien Bourdais 2
Anthony Davidson 0
Giancarlo Fisichella 0
Takuma Sato 0
Adrian Sutil 0

Constructors’ championship

Ferrari 105
BMW 89
McLaren 86
Toyota 25
Red Bull 24
Renault 23
Williams 16
Honda 14
Toro Rosso 8
Force India 0
Super Aguri 0

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22 comments on “Championship positions after the German German Prix”

  1. Can it be conceived that Kimi (i.e. last years F1 world champion) will be asked to give way to Massa if the championship continues like this (i.e. Massa leading Kimi)? Will that seal Kimi’s retirement?

  2. I predict Hamilton becoming the next Schumacher. A horrible five years will follow. Who will be his Barichello?

  3. I see lot of accusations of team orders flying around the internet from Ferrari fans. Well, if they don’t like it, I guess they should strip away their 2007 WDC and WCC as well. :)

  4. Very true internet. We all know Massa let Kimi through in Brazil. They can’t stop team orders its always going to happen

  5. ^ That doesn’t mean we have to like it.

  6. I don’t like it either. Hey Sebastian, how did your pants taste ;)

  7. Horrible.

  8. No team orders at this race re; LH/HK. If Heikki kept pace with Lewis and thy took 1-2 on the podium, THEN there would be legitimate claims of team orders ala Schumacher-Barrichello. Heikki couldn’t keep up, simple as that.

    And what about the way Massa gave up the inside line allowing Lewis to pass rather easily?

  9. ^ I fear I may of missed something there ^

  10. how did Massa let Kimi past in Brazil?!? Kimi came out ahead of him in the last pit stop and then pulled away a 2 second gap, Massa then tried to set the fastest lap on the final lap but failed.

  11. Massa is garbage plain and simple and of course he didn’t have the car to win…he is a one lap qualifer wonder.

  12. Massa did wonders compared to Kimi. But the season still has some races before it is done.

  13. BTW, McLaren should be on 86 points. According to anyway.

  14. I don’t believe starting 2nd, falling behind 11 seconds, getting ahead after lewis pitted..getting passed by lewis again and failing to catch a renault could be classified as “wonders”. Kimi was dropped to 12 due to stacking in the pits and made it up to 6th.

  15. @Nick: And at the end of the day, Massa still had a better race than Kimi.

  16. Internet – fixed, ta

  17. I’m with Nick on this one.

  18. michael counsell
    21st July 2008, 2:35

    Piquet up to 11th and now leading rookie.

  19. Massa has had a very good season, for sure, but I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s gotten the better of Raikkonen so far. If you take away the exhaust malfunction in Frace, Raikkonen wins that GP easily and leads Massa by one point. If you take away Hamilton’s mind malfunction in the pits at Montreal, Raikkonen probably gets at least a top-4 finish there and leads Massa by more. Raikkonen has had some rotten luck this year, which has been the difference between he and Massa.

    Massa is a very good driver, but he is not on the level of Raikkonen, who is alone in F1 in being in the same echelon as Hamilton. Raikkonen’s performances will start picking up, and he will pass Massa before the season is over.

  20. Lewis deserves the top spot.

    Massa, I’m not so sure. If he wins the championship this year, what will we all say? He was lucky to be in a good car, and mistakes by others gifted him the title, or will we say he’s a deserved champion, better than the likes of Lewis and Kimmi?

    Fans or not, do you believe Massa is as good as Lewis or Kimmi? Results aside… who are the better drivers? And as a follow up, does he then deserve the Ferrari drive over, lets say, a Vettel/Rosburg who could be learning from Kimmi?

  21. Mick: here’s a discussion we had on who’s been the best driver so far this year:

    2008 half-term driver rankings part 1
    2008 half-term driver rankings part 2
    2008 half-term driver rankings part 3

  22. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    22nd July 2008, 12:55

    I dont think massa gets half the credit he deserves, everyone expected him to be blown away by kimi when he signed for ferrari. i think alot of people over-rate kimi, as good as he is, he so inconsistent. hes had some terrible races this year. i thnik at the moment we are lucky there’s alot of good drivers in formula 1 with alot more years left in them.

    Id say hamilton, alonso and raikkonen are the best at the moment, kubica looks good too but i thnink we have to wait another year to see how good he is, he didn do too well last year after all.

    i knok the general feeling is that kimi will retire next year, even if he does, i think alonso has got another 6 or 7 years in him judging by the interview he did for f1 racing this month.

    add to that the younger drivers aswell such as vettel, rosberg, the future of formula 1 looks bright.

    as for this years tittle i think its now down to ham ilton and the ferraris bmw may have let their only chance of a world tittle slip by stopping development on this years car.

    i thnik hamilton will win nit mainly because massa and kimi will keep taking points way from eachother where kovalaeinen cant get anywhere near lewis right now.

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