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Formula One goes on economy drive

"But what drove me to distraction was all this one-stop strategy, two-stop strategy business and the times when positions only changed when someone stopped at the garage. This virtual overtaking didn't make for satisfactory sport."

Early deetails of 2009 BBC F1 coverage

"I have also managed to get a quick look at a (very) provisional Grand Prix Night schedule full of holes, but it gives us a general idea of what is happening:"

Sidepodtour Heads North to Grove

"We were treated to a lesson in ground effects, saw the six-wheeled FW08B up close and decided that the more modern BMW powered machines were by far the best looking of the lot."

Tata Enters the Game

"We bemoan (quite rightly) the fact that the traditional circuits of Europe and North America are gradually being phased out of the sport in favor of new tracks in developing nations; but let us not forget that the auto industry has already shifted its center of gravity to the new markets and it makes sense that interest in motor racing in those countries should increase as a result. Tata may be the next Asian entrant to F1, heralding many more, I suspect."

Rumours in Tokyo

"There are persistent rumours in Japan that Jarno Trulli may be replaced at Panasonic Toyota Racing next year by Kamui Kobayashi and that Toyota is on the verge of disassembling its young driver programme because of the need to cut costs."

Toyota target perfect reliability in 2009

Tadashi Yamashina: "Our drivers can rest assured that we target 100% reliability and, even if we know this is a very ambitious target, we are working flat-out to achieve it."

Fisichella says 2009 a great opportunity

Giancarlo Fisichella: "With the new rules it could all change, especially with the slick tyres, and different downforce levels. I think it's very important to build a good car for those rules, and to try to run as soon as possible with the new car with the slicks. With the new partnerships I think it's a great opportunity for us… We have a better chance than this year for sure, but nobody knows how things will work out with the new rules! We'll only see that in Australia."

Adrian Sutil Q&A – 2009 could be my season to shine

"Pedro [de la Rosa] was really surprised how difficult it was to drive the car. I do not know a better car, as I have never driven a better one – Pedro has always driven a perfect car, so I was sure that it would be difficult for him. But it was very helpful to listen to his comments about the car. He knew very quickly about where the problems are and it will help us."

Rubens Barrichello interview

"It was funny that my telephone started to ring about different things as soon as Honda said they were pulling out. I had calls from the WTCC to the 24 Hours of Daytona it really started to ring. But my focus is completely on F1. For the love of speed I would do anything, even IRL, but I have unfinished business in F1. I am sure I can finish higher up, if not winning the championship."

F1 boss faces battle with teams

Luca di Montezemolo also accused FIA president Max Mosley of undervaluing and misrepresenting Ferrari's response to his standard-engine plan. "Mosley said our board was full of people not well informed," he told the Guardian. "Well there is on our board the vice-chairman of the FIA, Marco Piccinini, a member of the [FIA] world council, [former Ferrari team boss] Jean Todt, Mr Piero Ferrari [son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari] and myself. "So I don't think that is an ill-informed board. If Mosley thinks so, then he is ill-informed."

Mark Hughes on austerity F1

"It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that ultimately F1 does need a regulation budget cap. It’s a concept that the FIA has investigated before but abandoned as impractical. It just may have to try harder – and now, with the teams in such a rare state of unity, may be just the time to re-open discussions on the idea and how the obstacles might be removed."

I'm officially a budget cap sceptic – I can appreciate the desire for one, but I think it's unworkable. Hughes' argument is persuasive, though.

Ask the Expert: IRL

"I had a nice chat yesterday with Marco Andretti, who sounded as excited as I've ever heard him about an upcoming season. He's getting new components to his crew that are detailed in Friday's Pit Pass column, and he now has his contract settled for 2009. He has clearly stopped looking toward Formula One; he went so far as to say it would be a bigger story if he went and failed than if he went and succeeded, and having experienced the often-mean F-1 press corps, I agree with that."

But they look so cuddly? Maybe they bullied him for putting a hyphen in 'F1'.

Donington GP plan might just work

"A real coup, it seemed to me, is the closure – for the duration of the race weekend – of East Midlands Airport, which is located right by the circuit. This will not only leave at the airport free for ‘race only’ flights, but also make available a lot of space for people to ‘park and ride’. Given that the race will almost certainly be run in July, and that this airport traditionally operates a lot of ‘bucket and spade’ holiday flights, it’s remarkable that Gillett has managed to negotiate such a deal." (free registration required to view this article)

Raikkonen determined to make amends

Luca di Montezemolo: "I joked that we had Kimi until Magny Cours, then he was busy and he asked a friend of his to drive."

Williams to fire test team?

"Several mechanics of the test team declared to f1today.nl that they are already searching for a new job as from January the race team will take over the test sessions."

Trulli says he will win a race in 2009

Jarno Trulli: "I can feel it: 2009 will be the year of my first victory with Toyota"

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  1. Interesting to note that the BBC are planning on showing that seminal grand prix related film from yesteryear… Days of Thunder!

  2. You have to love F1. Trulli says he will win a race in 2009, rumours in Japan say he will be replaced by Kobayashi. I wonder what Jarno will be driving…

  3. Days of Thunder is pretty bad, but Talladega Nights makes it look like Trois couleurs

  4. Am I the only ones thats noticed that the list is BS then? Times are all wrong Qually starts @ 03.00. Would also be interesting to see if the Beeb are gonna show practice sessions too.

  5. Am I the only ones thats noticed that the list is BS then? Times are all wrong Qually starts @ 03.00. Would also be interesting to see if the Beeb are gonna show practice sessions too.

    Look at them again. That schedule is Saturday evening going into Sunday morning. Qualifying is due to be shown live early Saturday.

  6. Trulli may struggle to win a race without a race seat.

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