David Coulthard’s racing career in pictures (Autosport International 2009)

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From karts to McLarens - David Coulthard's career in cars

Autosport International marks the end of David Coulthard’s career in top-flight motor sport with a collection of his racing cars.

From karts to Formula 1 via Formula Vauxhall Junior and more – here’s a picture gallery of the cars on show.

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5 comments on “David Coulthard’s racing career in pictures (Autosport International 2009)”

  1. Dastardly Dick
    9th January 2009, 0:41

    wow, wot a great tribute Autosport have put on for DC.

    1. The liveries are very nice indeed. I’m really liking the Formula Ford, and the checkard flag fade on the nose of the ‘o6 red bull.

  2. I really like that 2000 spec McLaren, and the livery on the Williams is a thing of beauty. Far more attractive than the cars of today. DC, you got to drive some good looking hotrods.

  3. fantastic collection! too bad that I can’t be there though…

  4. David sure has had a pretty good innings all things considered. Good on him.

    Its got to be said that F1 engineering and engineers, along with aviation of course, are by fast the best in the world. Nothing beats them. I admire and marvel at the passionately crafted and perfected specimens they lovingly create. Thanks for posting these great pictures.

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