More Formula 1 car pictures (Autosport International 2009)

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Which F1 car is this?
Which F1 car is this?

Here’s my final collection of F1 car pictures from Autosport International.

They include Tyrrells, Arrows and others in contemporary or modern F1 liveries. But which car is this (above) in an entirely different paint job to the one it originally ran in? Answer below…

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7 comments on “More Formula 1 car pictures (Autosport International 2009)”

  1. I can’t quite believe it, but I correctly identified it as a Benetton B199 from the distinctive structure in front of the sidepod.

    This is almost as anoraky as the time I dragged my other half around the Sauber exhibition at the Transport Museum in Lucerne excitedly pointing out the evolution of the various aerodynamic appendages over the years…

  2. Correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t the Mclaren MP4/20 run the west livery rather than the vodafone one shown in the pictures??

    And it is really quite cool when you look at how F1 cars have evolved over the year, its shown in all the pics from the Autosport show, Keith I think you should host a competition along the lines of what an F1 car would like in 10 years time, no need for prize would just be interesting to see what we’d come up with.

    1. You’re wuite right – but as shows like this they often have older cars in current liveries. With the flat, wide front nose and the antler wings I’m pretty sure this is the 2005 MP4/20 in post-Monza spec. But it can be tricky to tell so and I’m happy to be corrected!

  3. But i would say that you are right with the model, im just suprised, as never having been to any sort of motor show, that west or any other ex or current sponsor woudl be a bit annoyed and have some sort of clause that kept thier name linked with that model.

  4. Great driver’s eye view from the BMW cockpit, Keith. Perhaps you should send that off to Codemasters – I remember their cockpit view in Race Driver 3 being pretty rubbish.

  5. the BMW F1.06 had #16 and #17 in 2006!
    the arrows A11B had #9 #10 also!
    the numbers they change but nothing else…………

  6. its like they mass produce a typical car and paint them liverys year after year…

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