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F1 Fanatic has passed a landmark this week as the site has exceeded 2,000 RSS subscribers for the first time.

Actually, the way these things go it passed 2,000, then fell under it, then passed it again, and so on, but it looks like the threshold has been solidly passed now.

I’ve been very encouraged by how much the site has grown in recent months despite (a) there not being any races for the past four months and (b) the site going down for four days. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us get past the 2,000 subscribers mark.

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26 comments on “F1 Fanatic hits 2,000 subscribers”

  1. Top work Keith. You’ll have 3,000 before you know it.

    1. Thanks Michael 8-)

  2. Looks like the USF1 story is bringing more people in too, Keith. Good news, and very global of you! Maybe it’s time to run another Kubica post?

    1. LOL!

      (For anyone who doesn’t get that, see this: Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll))

  3. Glad I could contribute towards these statistics :P

    In all seriousness though, this is the best F1 site I’ve seen. Everything in one place, with great and relevant content that gives my my RDA of F1. That’s why I subscribed :)

  4. Congrats, Keith – quality brings results, as ever.

  5. Definately this is the best F1 website I have found. Havent been to the others since

  6. Well done, it’s a great site! I only really discovered F1 Fanatic after the 08 season had finished- I needed to get my F1 fix somewhere during the long winter! If other people have found the site the same way, that would explain why the figures have continued to increase lately- or mabye they all just typed Lewis Hamilton into google. I’m interested to see how coverage is during the actual race weekends in 2009.

    I do have some constructive criticism though. Opinion is a good thing, but it is better seperated from facts. For example, just because you think banning refueling from 2010 is the right thing to do doesn’t mean it definitely is, just like saying that music ruins the F1 season reviews on DVD is an opinion, not a fact (I would disagree on both of these points).

    1. Thanks for the constructive criticism!

      Can I ask how you would like me to make the separation between facts and opinion clearer? I’ve always favoured the view of chucking in my opinion whenever I think it’s relevant, and when people disagree with me we can discuss it in the comments.

    2. Like I said, I think opinion is a good thing, there are enough boring F1 sites which just report the story and leave it at that. I just think it would be best to make it clear that what you are saying is your opinion, and not a fact, otherwise the article’s can look a bit biased. I’m sorry if I haven’t explained that brilliantly, but then again I’m no journalist!

  7. Keith,

    Your site rocks with more stuff from F1 than well F1.com. No wonder we keep coming back even with the off season. I found this site after the season ended. Looking forward to what comes up during the season. Keep up the good wrok.

  8. Congrats Keith. this is the best site and no other comes close. Please do not go and mess it all up like itv/f1 did in my opinion.

    I’m sure that in the off season many people have joined because of the Honda situation. But i’m sure most will stay because of the quality of your site.

    Maybe the BBc can take tips from you about their f1 coverage on their website, but i doubt it. The bbc site has always been crap.

    I just hope i am able to watch the bbc coverage from over here in the usa cos speed’s coverage is not the best, and then we just need TOP GEAR back and all will be well with the world again.

  9. I’ll add my praise as well. It’s 2,000 subs well deserved because this is one of the best F1 sites out there.
    This is the only F1 site I visit now because the news is up to date, articles are interesting and the community is active and informed.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks for all the praise guys it really means a lot to me.

  11. Quite frankly Keith, despite your opinion on medals conflicting with most of ours, its the sheer quality of writing and enthusiasm that brings us back. You probably should be writing a column for a national newspaper. Instead you write for us. Thank you.

  12. Congrats Keith! :D
    Been with the site for a fair amount now, though not very long, and hope to be with the site for a looong time to come. Good luck Mr. Keith Collantine :)

  13. Well you’re on my iGoogle page so I guess I’m one of those 2000 :D

    Great to see the website thriving, particularly during the off-season. The numbers speak for themselves Keith, this blog is the puppy’s proverbials.

  14. Congrats!

    I was going to offer some “if you build it, people will come” style wisdom, but decided against it :) and will just say that its always nice to hear that the community is expanding. It could be extra-fun come live-chat time too!

  15. I found that I discover most of the F1 sites I follow during the winter break. Such is the want for f1 news in me… And if site can find material to run during winter then it is a worthy read in-season too…

  16. Great work as ever. I particularly enjoy reading yours and everybody else’s opinions and similarly throwing my own two cents into the ring…

  17. You seem to have the best stories before the official f1 website!!! I don’t really bother with that one anymore!!

    As always, brilliant, brilliant site!!!
    Keep up the good work. :D :D :D :D

  18. I only started to look at the site after the season finished and now I try to go on as much as I can, even in ICT. (naughty!)

    1. The management cannot be held responsible for any form of detention that may arise from reading F1 Fanatic…

    2. If I got one id try to put the blame on Bernie and Max

  19. Keith, I have to agree with all the comments above, this is an awesome site that I too only found recently and now rarely go elsewhere.

    Your opinions are great to read, please don’t stop doing that as that is what makes you different and makes this site so interesting!

    Your broad range of topics and content is, I believe, unrivalled and your knowledge of the sport is incredible! You are truly dedicated and keep the site continually updated which so many others don’t and I am sure that I speak for everyone on this site, and say that we appreciate all of your hard work!

    I have to also say to all the regular posters, that it is so refreshing to come to a site where there are intelligent comments that don’t turn into bickering which so many other sites seem to attract.

    I’m here to stay!

    Great Job Keith!!

  20. I’ll say congrats too, even though I’m not an RSS subscriber, but it’s good to see this site go from strength to strength – keep it up, Keith :)

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