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Vijay Mallya wants results now

Vijay Mallya: "Past is passe. Others might talk and write what they want, but I knew what I wanted. And it has gone as per expectations. But this year there will be no excuses. I want results."

The Test That Nobody In F1 Can Pass

'Melbourne is, in any case, a notoriously unreliable indicator of what the future might hold.'

That's not true in terms of indicating who the world champion will be.

Lowered prices for Bahrain GP tickets

"The Sakhir Circuit in Bahrain has lowered its ticket prices for 3 day passes in areas surrounding the track."

Senna upset about being left out by Honda

Speaking to Brazil's 'Agencia Estadao' Senna said, "I'm kind of resigned to trying something else. I'm just a little upset because this situation has dragged on for so long, making me lose better professional possibilities."

Busch open to F1 – but only after he claims NASCAR crown

"Kyle Busch has admitted that he 'wouldn't mind trying' Formula 1 after being linked with the nascent, North Carolina-based USF1 outfit – but he insists he will not make the move until he has first claimed the NASCAR laurels."

Abu Dhabi "Helped" By Recession

'Yas Island Project director Steve Worrel said: "The global economic meltdown has helped the projects as more workers and bidders are available now."'

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10 comments on “F1 links: Mallya wants results”

  1. We all know Sennas an idiot for choosing Honda over others in the first place. They just ruin peoples careers Villenueve, Button, Senna..

    1. Indeed it might turn out for the better that he didn’t get signed by Honda.

  2. The whole thing with Bruno was more or less predictable..i couldn’t believe Ross Brawn going with the rookie driver despite his great tests..perhaps if the situation hadn’t got dragged for so long and they tested Rubens against Bruno the situation could be different. However we’re a less than a month away from Melbourne, Rubens is the safer bet..
    I a bit of a spiritual person so for one would like to see Bruno on a Williams.

  3. @Tommy B.

    I have to agree with you. Honda have garnered a little bit of a reputation as a drivers graveyard in recent years, although when Villeneuve was there they had the excuse of being a new team.
    On the subject of Bruno Senna, I believe that if he is as good as the hype machine says, then we will see him in F1 in the future. His tests with Honda, which were
    described as ‘impressive’, would not have gone unnoticed by other teams.
    Back on the subject of Honda, lets not forget that
    Fernando Alonso was linked to joining the team in 2009, what a lucky escape he had!
    As for Jenson Button, he really has himself to blame a little. He had a chance to go back to Williams back in 2005 and told Frank Williams politely where to go, going against a contract he had had with the team.
    I can remember Martin Brundle at the time suggesting that that decision could come back to haunt Button in the longrun and it has.

  4. Lucky escape?

    Alonso “looked” at the team.

  5. I can see both Rubino and Button being frustrated by lack of progress in the team after a few races. With hardly any testing before the opening race, they will be suffering in a way similar to Force India.
    With both drivers on board and giving decent feedback on the cars during the races, there ought to be some progress as the season goes on, but with the headstart the other teams have, there will be a definate split between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ again this year.

  6. As disappointed as I am for Senna, many might say that perhaps this episode will teach Senna some humility…

  7. I know we all want the Senna name back in F1, but has he really earned his F1 drive yet? I’m not so sure.

    He only won 2 GP2 races last year. I think he needs another year in a lower formula personally.

  8. @Paul.

    What you say is true, but it does not alter the fact that the Honda team were a widely tipped option for Alonso last year when he was considering his future.
    This was one aspect of the sport covered extensively
    last year on this site, as everybody waited for Alonso to announce his future plans.
    Also, did anybody really appreciate last year just how much of a mess Honda were really in before their demise?
    If I can recall, their departure from F1 was far more of a big bombshell as say Prost Racing back in 2001 going out of business.
    With Nick Fry and Ross Brawn at the helm, it appeared that they had a future potential in the sport for success. Whether Fernando had a ‘look’ or more of a
    ‘gaze’ is neither here nor there, atleast he has a confirmed race seat for 2009.
    Until I see Barrichello and Button on the grid in
    Melbourne, I am still sceptical.

  9. I think that it should be said that no one is entitled to an F1 Ride. Very few will of the racers out there will make it to this point. Of those even few will be around for a long time and even fewer of them will win let alone become a champion. I can understand being disappointed but he can join the club.

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