Turkish Grand Prix qualifying pictures

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Nico Rosberg heads into a braking zone at Istanbul
Nico Rosberg heads into a braking zone at Istanbul

One thing that leaps out at you when looking at this selection of pictures from qualifying at Istanbul today is just how few people have bothered to show up.

Here’s a collection of pictures of this afternoon’s action, unfortunately set against a backdrop of largely empty grandstands.

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8 comments on “Turkish Grand Prix qualifying pictures”

  1. Empty stands.
    For a place that holds 130,000 it looks a private testing day.

  2. Keith, what about practise photos??

  3. I second that Richard, my desktop is going to be empty for two weeks haha!

  4. how sad is it to have such a fantastic track and nobody wants to go to the race.

    1. i think that’s because the hot sunny days. or high-priced selling tickets, maybe? lol

      1. Top (Platinum) ticket is less than GBP300. General Admission works out at around GBP35.
        It` seems to be more a case of just lack of interest.
        That`s probably not surprising given the place lies unused for the rest of the year.

    2. it is not about nobody’s wanting to go to race!! I have attended the race for twice, and believe me there are many people who are trying to watch the rac. but the tickets are tooo expensive for a football-based country!

  5. Dear Bernie, thanks for these packed grandstands – if only Silverstone could match your expectations of what a Grand Prix really should be about : )

    What’s the colour scheme on the seats by the way? Looks like flames!

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