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Marshals wheel Mark Weber's stricken Red Bull onto the track

I’ve been traipsing around Silverstone all day taking hundreds of photographs, in the hope that one or two of them might turn out alright.

I snapped Timo Glock’s spin in the first practice session, and got some nice pictures of Mark Webber’s Red Bull when it stopped the second. Here’s some of my photographs from today.

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23 comments on “British Grand Prix Friday – my pictures”

  1. Wish I was there… Went for all three days last year so couldn’t afford it again this year, you know what the bloody prices are like…

  2. Nice pics Keith, anyone would think you did this full time

    1. Thanks Tom – I claim to have no photographic talent, I just nicked my girlfriend’s camera for the weekend :-)

      1. Well seeing as you have the gf’s camera then maybe you get some pics of everyone at the meet and greets this weekend????

        It would be nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and put faces to names.

        1. yes that would be nice! getting to know everyone.

  3. like the new redbull nose.
    kinda reminds me of their nose in 2006.

  4. Wow… Good job, Keith!

  5. Keith,

    do you see any senario in which Vettel will **not** win this race ? The difference between RBR and everyone else today borders on the ridiculous.

    1. If what happened to Webber on Friday happens to Vettel on Sunday…

    2. Its only practice. Jenson was 13th and Sutil was 3rd. :-P Means nothing

      1. What actually happened to Webber’s car? I missed practice 2.

      2. Really Tommy, it means nothing ? When the same team goes 1-2 in **both** practices and **both** drivers are no less than 6 tenths quicker than anyone else in all sessions, and when you know the car is massively upgraded … that means nothing, heh ?

        Apparently it does mean a lot. Vettel destroyed them in Q and that was with no less than 3-4 laps of fuel **more** than anyone else in the top-10.

        As a side note, I can’t help but make the note that Webber ince again proved he is useless when it counts. He had 3 laps less fuel in Q3 which should have translated into a comfortable pole. And yet he managed to screw it up. And all the talk about being held up by Kimi, etc, is bologni. This is not the first time he’s done this. And now watch him crash in lap-1 or if he manages to keep the car straight he will crash later on.

  6. how did you get such good photos?? i’ve only ever been to albert park and it’s impossible to get any photos without the fence in the way and you’re not allowed close enough to poke the camera through the fence (for obvious reasons). fantastic photos though

    1. Silverstone is an excellent track for spectators – loads of places where you can get a clear line of sight without debris fences in the way.

  7. Great photos, Keith!

    Well, no competition at all. Brown’s closed for the weekend and I don’t think Red Bull with say again to Vettel – ‘don’t pass Webber’ – not it’s theur chance to catch a little the competition and Vettel is the golden boy – Webber such do like DC and retire and go comment races to australian TV…

    McLaren were playing with blue paint in that oh so big Silverstone wind tunnel… (ridiculous) and … were was Ferrari? Anybody? I think they were with Kubica playing carts in the paddock or something…

    Great show also for the closest home team – Force India (ex-Jordan from across the road from Silverstone main gate).

  8. The Red Bulls rear end is getting bigger every race, it looks like a bloody van!

  9. this revised red bull kind of reminds me of the mclaren mp4-20, while its predecessor,the mp4-19 had a narrow nose just like the RB5 old version, ironically all three cars were designed by adrian newey. my observation is that newey has this funny habit of meddling with noses, he hid it all the time when he was with mclaren & now he is doing it again with red bull. i think this revised red bull will obliterate the field. it looks nastily fast.

  10. Yah for Red Bull. I hope they get a one, two finish. Except it would be nive to see Webber get the one spot, if he can get by Vettel. But I think that if Web can get by Bar on the first lap that this race will very likely resemble Ferrari’s race in France last your (minus the exhaust melting through the carbon fibre).

    1. I meant year not your in that last sentence.

  11. great shots Keith, what camera/lens were you using?

  12. Thank for sharing Keith, excellent shots, particularly of the ‘new look’ Red Bull cars.

  13. Scott Joslin
    20th June 2009, 20:04

    Hey Keith – Great Pictures, the exit to Club corner on the banking on the outside has been my favorite place to take pictures this year.

    By the way, what camera/lens are you using?

    I will post a link to some of mine when I get the chance to get them off my camera.

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