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Tommy got some great pictures at F1's greatest racing circuit
Tommy got some great pictures at F1's greatest racing circuit

Regular commenter TommyB was at the Belgian Grand Prix and snapped an impressive collection of pictures over the weekend.

See below for shots of Kimi Raikkonen passing Giancarlo Fisichella for the lead – and the win, as it would turn out – plus those limited edition Michael Schumacher caps, and something Fernando Alonso won’t want to see…

To see more of Tommy’s pictures, and to upload pictures of Grands Prix you’ve been to, visit the F1 Fanatic

Check out more fan pictures from Snoopy at the Australian Grand Prix and Guio Oblepias at the Malaysian Grand Prix this year.

More Belgian Grand Prix pictures

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41 comments on “Belgian Grand Prix: Your pictures”

  1. good ones, makes me wanna visit the GPs.

  2. Luca Badoer’s wrecked Ferrari in qualifying

    I bet it is going faster around the track on the back of that truck!

    1. Hahaha that picture is on my facebook saying “Luca Badoer – the fastest he went all weekend”

      1. Funnily enough mine of Badoer on the wee scooter says the same! Lol!

  3. Hey Keith, serious work with the blog.

    It’s nice to see how the results of the picture selection process (I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t bring to display a picture like that with the name of Button or Hamilton) reflects the low bias a site like this should aim at keeping if the number and diversity of followers even represents a matter.

    Also, in the instructions for writing comments I can read the following: “No swearing, insults, advertising or racial, sexual, or similar discrimination allowed.”

    Good job!

    1. Keith isn’t saying it, nor are we.

      It was the Ferrari fans that wrote it.

      1. I remember walking past this and thinkin it is a bit of a pathetic thing to do, its seems a little bit to football hooligan for F1. Why do you think it was farrari fans Tommy?

        1. There was a huge tent near by with Ferrari stuff all in it. They had a sign saying “F*** Alonso” outside too.

          When we arrived on Sunday it was sprayed on the ground right near there tent.

    2. Hey estefield!!….unclinch.

      Nice pics Tommy,thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pictures.
    I would like to read some comments from you, where you stand watching the race, what impressed you most…I’ve been to a GP only four times, and it’s been some greatest experiences.

    1. We had general admission. We made our way around a few areas.

      Thursday – We queued up to get into the circuit and the pitlane. We were lucky enough to meet Vettel, Webber, Buemi and Trulli who all signed our flag.

      FP1 – We watched on the long back straight before les combes the spray during the wet session was amazing.

      FP2 – We went down to the bus stop chicane which was a great view although it was very busy. We also walked down to the F1 village where you can get a cheeky view at eau rouge so we watched the last 15 minutes of the session from there. It is a stunning corner.

      FP3 – We watched FP3 from the straight before les combes again.

      Qualy – We had a great view for qualy.

      It was a stunning view but the loud speaker wasn’t working so it made it very hard to realise what was going on. Lots of people saying “Fisichella” but we thought he must have crashed or something but he was pole!

      Race – We went back to the huge straight for race day. The atmosphere was great there and we got to see loads of overtaking in GP2 and F1 as they slipstream down the straight.

      What impressed me most was the track itself. Its unbelievable. I went to Valencia last year and it was rubbish but Spa was incredible. General admission you can visit so much of the track and I definitely think its the way to go as people with grandstand tickets can’t even go into the general admission area.

    2. Thursday – We were allowed into the circuit and pitlane where Vettel, Webber, Buemi and Trulli signed our flag :)

      FP1 – Back straight before Les Combes was amazing. You could see the huge spray off the cars. Was my first look at F1


      1. Sorry…

        Thursday – We were allowed into the circuit and pitlane where Vettel, Webber, Buemi and Trulli signed our flag :)

        FP1 – Back straight before Les Combes was amazing. You could see the huge spray off the cars. Was my first look at F1 cars in the wet. Amazing

        1. FP2 – We went to the “bus stop” chicane which is a good view but very busy. At the end of the session we went to the F1 village (merchandise) Where you can get a cheeky look at eau rouge. We watched the last 15 minutes of the session there. The corner is just incredible.

          1. FP3 – We went back to the long straight before Les Combes, was ALOT busier on the Saturday

            Qualy – We had an AMAZING view for qualifying


            But the loud speaker was not working so it made it very confusing for qualifying! Especially with the crazy order!

          2. Qualy – We had an amazing view but the loud speaker didn’t work so it made it very confusing for qualifying. An amazing view non the less


          3. I went to the bus stop for the race last year. If you step back from the path that runs closest to the track you can go up in the trees, and there are plenty of good viewing spots there even if it’s quite busy. There’s also a massive rock that juts out of the hill, and if you manouvere yourself along it you get an amazing view. But then the police come :S

  5. i’m so jealous! the only GP i’ve been to is in Melbourne and it’s impossible to get any decent photos without fences in the way. for next year i’m taking a 15mp camera in the hope that i can get a shot of a car in the gap of the fence and then crop it and hope the resolution is still decent. the european rounds seem much more conducive to good spectator shots for the amatuer photographer (based on keith’s silverstone photos and these of course). great photos

  6. Hmmm – Rocket Red paint. Young Lewis needs to work a bit harder on disguising his handwriting :D

  7. Keith, I notice you’ve started linking every mention of a driver and team name to your articles about them. Any chance you could do this for only the first mention of the name in the article (like in Wikipedia)? Because, when I’m reading any given article my eyes immediately go to the green highlighted underlined words, which distracts from the meat of the article.

    However, I’m sure there are benefits to doing what you’re doing now, so just some feedback and a data point of one for you to consider! Thanks.

  8. Great Job, Tommy. I like the one with the umbrella… :)

    1. Haha thanks. Shame I didn’t get to use it! I bought it after free practice 1! I thought it always rained in Spa. It was hot and sunny! :P

  9. An F1 politics hater
    3rd September 2009, 11:59


    Tommy B will replace lorry driver Badoer in the Monza gp and for the rest of the season.

    Also Domenicali was seen writting the words “F*** Alonso” on the tarmac near the entrance to the spa circuit, this has sparked rumors that domenicali is unhappy with the Ferrari decision of contracting Alonso next week. There are also claims, that Briatore and former ferrari boss Domenicali were seen fighting for the Vettel flag which also contributed to the rumors of Massa’s early replacement for next year.

    The FIA has now launched an investigation into this incident.

    Possible consequences could be:

    A spanking session with max.
    A press confeerence announcing the very well kept secret that Alonso will be joined at ferrari by current redbull driver Sebastien Vettel.


  10. I’ve just chucked a few of mine into so if anyone fancies a butchers

    1. Hey I just looked at your pictures! You were literally right next to us haha!

  11. I know it’s a bit late, but I have a few pictures from last year and various Goodwood events which might be interesting, but I have no idea how I can post them…

  12. nice pics tommyb!

  13. Props on the Senna helmet snap =)

  14. Awesome pics Tommy.. thanks for sharing!!

  15. StrFerrari4Ever
    3rd September 2009, 18:28

    Haha nice pics Tommy I despise you getting your stuff signed by Vettel! It looks like you had an awesome time well done :D

    1. Haha thanks STR! Was so cool meeting Seb and I got a picture with him! Buemi also liked our Toro Rosso flag and kept pointing at it trying to get it so he could sign it :D

  16. Nice panning shot of Mark Webber at speed. I was pleasantly surprised by the photo opportunities at Spa when I went last year. Much better results than I got with my old film SLR back in the late 90s.

    (shameless self promotion: here)

  17. Nice ride Tommy….:)…oh…wait your sister? sorry

    1. Nice I didn’t know people actually talked like that. And she is my gf not my sister thanks

      1. Well Tommyb you just don’t get it…look at the 1st. pic you posted.

  18. Just want to say nice pics. Looks like a good time. I see you went with a tour to Belgium. Was it through them you got the pit walkabout and what appears to be all access around the track for photos?

    1. Anyone with a weekend ticket could get into the driver signing :) loads of people just with race day tickets tried to get in but weren’t allowed.

      And we just had general admission tickets, which were the cheapest, and could watch the race from wherever we wanted. The people with grandstand tickets that cost hundreds of pounds weren’t even allowed into general admission areas! We had some amazing views :) everyone should go there a sometime in thier life.

  19. Mr. Formula Won
    4th September 2009, 15:21

    Thanks for sharing the pics Tommy- I’ll return the favor in Spain next year…….

  20. Can a car leave the track and return to its advantage.
    ie Kimi Raikkonen Left track in 6th position and returned 200mts later in 3rd?

  21. Really nice photos Tommy :) Loved the F**k Alonso one. Visiting spa is a distant dream for me :( Just wanted to know what is that cottage next to eau rouge? Is it a hotel or something?

  22. This was a great race. Thanks for all the photos!

    Jon Stromberg

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