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Timo Glock gets some air on his way to second place

The Singapore Grand Prix was short on action but big on spectacle. I particularly love this picture of Timo Glock flying through the air at the turn 10 chicane.

See below for a hi res version of this picture and over 70 others from F1’s second night race at Singapore.

Singapore Grand Prix pictures

Images (C) Ferrari spa, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone, Daimler,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Toyota F1 World, BMW ag

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12 comments on “Singapore Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. fantastic shots as always

    i like the flying Glock

  2. Flying Glock is epic!!
    Even if it wasn’t an exciting race it certainly was beautiful.
    I think I’m a little bit in love with Alonso, don’t know what it is at the moment…:P
    Love the blurred one of Glock and Jaime, just feels other worldly and gives a sense of speed. Very, very good. Thanks.

  3. Flying Glock is the best shot, but the qualifying pictures show the best of singapur track

  4. On×117.jpg it can be see that Alonso overtake Webber on the inside te track, but the team order to Webber let him pass because he overtake outside the track. That problem is a consequence of the Fia statement on Belgian´s Grand Prix last year, when Hamilton decide by himself let pass Kimi

    1. That wasn’t the pass he got punished for.

  5. If F1 was a beauty contest, Singapore would have just won the other WCC, the World Circuits Championship.

    But then, the ‘other’ WCC should still be about the racing. EJ made a lot of sense when he said “open up the track…”.

    Amazing coptor shots this year. Wasn’t sure about the whole ‘night racing’ idea last year. But it IS visually stunning. Just hope it never rains on the night, reflection off a wet track would cause ‘issues’ methinks.

  6. Salty for your WCC, what about Abu Dhabi? Could be very beautiful and will be twilight race. I half hope for rain next year, just to see what happens so we know for definate what track is like in those conditions, and we have to get it out the way at some point.

  7. Ah Steph,

    Hope and expect Abu Dhabi to look fabby as a circuit, but won’t have amazing Singapore as a backdrop.

    The rain would probably enforce a safety car at Singapore. When it rains there, it rains BIG. Would be even more of a procession, alas.

    Monaco is amazing and classic. We know that it is probably processional, but it’s so tight, it’s fun to watch the best drivers in the world not hitting the walls.

    With Valencia and Singapore it feels like Bernie/Hermann has tried to recreate that. Singapore has it’s own magic as a city and the lights help, but ultimately there are too many corners with no serious straight. Valencia… well, it looked better with blue walls this year, but that’s about it. Maybe Singapore could do with a hairpin on the end of a straight, but suspect Brundle had the right of it today when he suggested that the excitment from a street circuit in F1 comes from the challenges to the drivers, not the overtaking.

  8. Where do you get these amazing photos, Keith?

  9. Just missing some photos from behind the cars with some sparks from rubbing on the road

  10. ” Timo shows He`s race engineer that He`s brake balance ain`t quite right”

  11. Awesome pictures!
    Now I can use some of them for my background I’ve been looking for these kind of photos.


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