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Ferrari have officially confirmed Felipe Massa will not make a return to F1 until next year. A press release from the team stated his test tomorrow in a 2007-specification car “is in no way a proper test session”.

Felipe back on track tomorrow (Ferrari)

"Talk of a proper return to Formula 1 can wait until the start of the 2010 season and only at that time will the medical checks be carried out, as required by the FIA in order to allow someone who has been injured to return to racing."

Bruno Senna: Vertrag für 2010 bei Campos? (Auto Motor und Sport)

Claims Bruno Senna, Vitaly Petrov and Lucas di Grassi all have significant sponsorship in place for 2010 F1 drives.

Dad knows best: John Button insists his boy Jenson won’t blow the title the way Lewis Hamilton did (Daily Mail)

"The idea that Jenson should have gone out and tried to win every race is just for the romantics. What he has been doing for the past few races, rightly in my opinion, has been managing the championship."

Q & A with Takuma Sato (Autosport)

Takuma Sato is trying to get an F1 drive for 2010: "I have to have some kind of option for next year because one and a half years out of racing is just too long and to me it's the limit. If it was only half season then concentrating on F1 is fine. That was the case last year: we did the winter testing and it went perfectly and it didn't happen. That was a very unfortunate moment but I will never give up. I'm just attacking every single door and if that opens the doors for next year I will be very, very happy."

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9 comments on “F1 links: No return for Massa until 2010”

  1. i’m assuming the first sentence is meant to say ‘until next year’? probably for the best.

    1. Yes, that’s right. Sorry!

  2. Bruno Senna, Vitaly Petrov and Lucas di Grassi are young guns & if we have 3 more teams next year (NOT CONFIRMED ABOUT BMW SAUBER) as USF1 will concentrate on US market so Campos & Manor can look at them so that they have a rookie & a experienced drivers line up.

  3. Bit disappointed about Massa but it is for the best. :( I should really just be content that we can talk about him returning at all.

  4. Dad insists Jenson won’t blow away the title the way Lewis did: He will blow it away in a completely different way instead…..:-)
    Didn’t we moan at Hammy for chasing points and not position last year? Isn’t that exactly what Jenson is doing this year, and I think he is more liable to lose it, since Rubino is better in the same car, and the likes of Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari etc are now just as capable of winning the final races.
    Jenson might be keeping the sensible line, but Dad needs to keep quiet!

  5. quick question, Massa has been testing a “privately owned” 2007 Ferrari, how do you get your hands on one? and who is the person who owns it? i am sure Shuey used a privately owned F2007 too

    1. its part of the F1 Clienti, you get to pay 4 million for the privilege of owning an F1 car but they only let you drive it at the track, chances are its owned by the dude from Pink Floyd, he’s got more Ferrari’s than the Ferrari museum.

  6. Sush hi !

    Who is the “dude” from Pink Floyd ?

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