F1 testing pictures: 27th February

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Felipe Massa during today's test
Felipe Massa during today's test

The penultimate day of testing at Barcelona saw the last appearances of some drivers including Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg before the first race of the season.

Here’s a collection of pictures from today’s test:

Image (C) Julien Leroy / F1 Fanatic

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  • 21 comments on “F1 testing pictures: 27th February”

    1. thanks keith will there be an high res pictures tomorrow

    2. Bonus points for Mr Leroy for snapping Rob!

    3. Felipe Massa, the future world champion of F1 2010!

    4. did Rosberg try out a new helm design? I saw some pictures of it but none off them were really clear…

      1. He was out in a black helmet first thing this morning, yes.

    5. Nice pics.

      I’m starting to like the look of those narrow front tyres strangely. Perhaps it has the effect of making to rears appear wider.

    6. HAHA Poor Nick!… at Barcelona, with nothing to do… just watching what could have been…

      poor guy, i really liked him… but testing roles are rather pointless these times… :(

      1. unless you are force india’s test driver
        paul is one lucky guy to drive in a every Friday 1st practice this season .

        1. * every session apart from Korean GP, where the two race drivers will have a practice session each in order to get used to the new track.

    7. Nickk Heidfeld doesn’t look half lonely. He will be sitting there thinking about how he is getting paid millions for doing nothing!!

    8. nice pics but if they were hi res it would be better
      like it that ge took some close up of the drivers in the pits

    9. I also miss the HD pics!
      Keith, could there be a compromise: some HD pics with some of your own? I appreciate a lot that you put on pics (and very good ones) of every event. But I really miss those in-your-face-can-even-see-the-tiny-screws super HD pics you used to present…

    10. I miss HD photos !! :( They used to be so good..these photos are good but useless for wallpapers and detail.

      Please bring back the HD photos !! please

    11. I’m not bothered about his res pictures if I’m honest; they are great but I think Julien is doing a wonderful job and clearly has huge talent so I can only thank him and of course F1Fanatic.

    12. Thank-you! I was a bit disappointed until I got to the end and saw the two excellent shots of the Ferrari wheel. (Not that the rest aren’t good, but I asked for these yesterday!)
      Those 2 concentric additions do look like they are there to channel air.

      1. love how the tires have a sticker bar-code on them, another story of F1 coming back down to earth, like the engineers using duct tape! :)

    13. when i was 5 i called my dog keke………aahhhh memories

    14. Who is Julien Leroy? Is he the official F1Fanatic photographer?

    15. Great pictures Kieth !!!!1

    16. Great photo’s. Rob Smedley must be relieved Massa is back…

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