F1 testing in pictures: 28th February

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Hamilton chases Schumacher in testing at Barcelona
Hamilton chases Schumacher in testing at Barcelona

On Sunday we had our last glimpse of the cars in action before they arrive in Bahrain for the first race of 2010. Check out our final gallery of pictures from testing below.

We’ve had a few requests from people wanting to see more high-resolution pictures. Sorry it hasn’t been possible to bring you any from this test but rest assured they will be back in future galleries.

Here’s Sunday pictures including some great pictures of Hamilton and Schumacher running in each other’s wheel-tracks, some revealing pictures of the enlarged exhaust on the Red Bull and the revised front wing on the Renault.

Images (C) Julien Leroy and F1 Fanatic

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  • 31 comments on “F1 testing in pictures: 28th February”

    1. perhaps the big vent at the back of the red bull is part of their solution to last year’s engine problems?

    2. LookingSpiffy
      1st March 2010, 1:01

      Rubens Barrichello not in the Williams FW32

      Pffft! :)

    3. Rubens Barrichello in the Williams FW32

      Rubens Barrichello not in the Williams FW32 HAHAHA!

    4. Whats the deal with webbers helmet? has he gone away from the yellow top? or is there just a captioning mixup

      1. just a captioning mixup. that’s definitely vettel

      2. Fixed it, thanks Callum.

    5. Nice captions keith, I laughed at the Nico Rosberg and Rubens Barrichello

    6. OOPS!

      Sebastien Buemi in the Toro Rosso T127

      Sebastien Buemi in the Toro Rosso RB5

      1. Fixed, thanks Frishy.

    7. Webber and Vettel drove today!

      I’m looking at some testing pictures, and I must say that torro rosso still looks like a red bull copy to me!
      First car completly designed by torro rosso… I’m doubting that :)

      1. I made that observation a wee while back. I’m amazed that their first “own-built” car looks so much like the RB6, must be something they put in the water… erm, I mean the Red Bull.

        1. Well they aren’t going to be that different as they had RBR’ s design last year and rules haven’t changed much plus everyone is practically copying Red Bull anyway

          1. If you add a bucket load of parts from Red Bull Technologies and the RB5 designs from last year, you get… well, an RB6 badged as an STR5.

            I’m sorry but STR aren’t kidding anyone here, they do nothing more than take the RB6 chassis, bolt a Ferrari engine and gearbox into it and Robert’s your father’s brother (I know that it’s more complicated than that, so I hope no one decides to post an elaborate technical response, I’m well aware of the difficulties faced when mating an engine and gearbox to a chassis they weren’t designed for, but you get the drift).

            If I remember right, Ligier said they had built their car “completely by themselves” but after then Benetton boss Flavio Briatore rescued the team. Funnily enough, the Ligier JS41 looked like a carbon copy of the Benetton B195. Once again I have to say, STR, your not fooling anyone.

            1. But they do have their differences. it’s just like biological evolution. they’ve started from the same base (ie:2009) and now the two teams have diverged marginally. the nose is a tad different as is the positioning of the mirrors but obviously their overall shape is very similar. i predict that during the season they will grow further apart to create two distinct species if you like…

            2. I don’t think it’s really STR’s fault but mainly the rules for allowing it to happen. STR have only followed them and it was and is a situation which has had some downsides for the squad. I don’t think the situation has really been good for anyone.
              Also, had STR been told to design their car by themselves from the end of 2008 when the big rule changes happened then we would probably see a more different car to the RBR.

            3. True, true, there are differences and I agree that the RBR and STR cars will follow different development paths over the course of the season, and I’m not knocking them STR, they are doing the best they can in the circumstances. I’m just getting sick of reading “own built” reports all over the place, when the car isn’t 100% own built.

            4. See how good STR are. They manage to get an RB6 chassis a full week before RBR. And despite that, the day before the RB6 was presented, you could see in the paddock an STR engineer asking an RBR one what the car looked like.

              I don’t know if STR doesn’t fool anyone, but they managed to fool all the STR and RBR employees I know

      2. Toro rosso are the sister team of red bull. They have always gotten the scraps from red bull since 2006. No surprise here.

    8. Again no Hi Res photos :( What a pitty was looking forward to a season of lots and lots of wallpapers !

    9. Looking at the Hamilton schumacher pics making me wish the next couple of weeks would hurry up so racing proper can commence, abu-dabi seems such a long time ago

    10. LOL rubens is hitching a ride LMAO “hey man, ill give you some gas money to get me back to my garage” LOL

    11. Just watching RedBull pictures. The feet of the driver are really high, as they are in most of the other cars.
      How do the drivers feel about feet position and visibility to the front? To me it seems really critical comparing to last years…
      Keith, did you hear anything regarding these topics?

      1. I noticed the same thing, I think an advantage to this position is their head seems to be really low (particularly Vettel’s) in the cockpit so their helment won’t interfere with the airbox which hopefully means their engines don’t blow

    12. And MSC still said he made space for LH to pass but looking at these pictures it doesn’t seem so. :(

    13. Keith, cool pics as always, but is there a particular reason why the photos have gotten smaller… ?

    14. Do you think Lotus changed the Naza Group on the rear wing to just Naza because they realised what it looked like it said from the front?

    15. I see pic sof Massa drivign with and without the shark fin. Do you have the lap times with this difference?

      1. Rubel_Frm_BD
        2nd March 2010, 5:11

        Interesting things is massa driven the car with Shark fin in early part of the day (around 9:50 am) and later change the engine cover to their older cover in the afternoon (3:50 pm). The difference of shark fin is easily visible in pic- 9 and pic-38.There is another change also in F-10 that it change from one sided fin to both sided fin besides engin intake. Mclaren also adopted such fin though very back in their car

    16. excellent pics ,really enjoyed them all.u have done a fantastic job well done ,i am now looking forward to the new season.

    17. I like Nico’s version of a track inspection…

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