2010 Australian Grand Prix in pictures

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Review the action-packed Australian Grand Prix with this selection of images from the race.

More pictures will be added so check back here later.

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2010 Australian Grand Prix

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    23 comments on “2010 Australian Grand Prix in pictures”

    1. Nice pics as always, Just a pity there wasnt any of Glock passing Schumacher, that was sure to be my desktop :D

      1. That was also my favorite moment….

    2. Yeah, i wish there some pics of overtaking. But still great pictures Kieth.

    3. where is Kobayashi/Hulkenberg?

      1. Their races only lasted five corners so not too many pictures of them. I’ll add some later if I can.

        1. OK, cause theyre chash pics must be amazing :)

    4. That “Button Champers” pic is amazing!

    5. A thumbs up then from the majority on this race. However, my concern is the only reason this such a good race was because of the rain! Surely the only way forward, now that refuelling is banned, is to have a major reduction in aero performance.

      1. Remember when Frank Dernie said tyres were the problem, and not the aero? He used wet races as the “perfect example”, as when the track is slippery there is less mechanical grip.

        I thought about this again during the race and deduced a different conclusion to Dernie’s:

        – When the track is wet, you go slower so you don’t spin off.
        – When you go slower, your aero is less efficient. This is why, in the old days when you could change a car before the race, if you thought it was going to rain you upped the aero and ride height.

        So basically, the lack of aero does have an impact on the proceedings. And since the cars depend on aero far more than mech grip, it follows that limiting aero is the way to go; this race just proved it again.

        1. amen to that my friend

    6. lol @ the one with Alonso facing backwards.

      1. yeah. I noticed it too

      2. Yes, a great picture !
        It could be one of these “find the error” picture.

        1. YEAH! Great picture, that one!!! Alonso:”Something´s wrong!”

    7. I see there’s no Whitmarsh or Hamilton in the McLaren pic.

    8. Nice to see Robert taking what should’ve been his last year :)

      1. Could have been his if he wasnt an idiot and caused a crash

    9. Not as much images as i would have hoped.

    10. petrov,s picture is cool

    11. Posting a link to a video I took from corner 1, lap 1 to add to the pictures.


    12. nice video, probaly will be taken down soon :(.

    13. The pit lane looks dangerously narrow seeing that picture of Kubica in the pits…

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