Malaysian GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso

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Points for Toro Rosso but Sebastien Buemi was left hoping for more after the team decided not to replace a broken front wing at his first pit stop.

Malaysian Grand Prix lap times: Toro Rosso (click to enlarge)
Sebastien BuemiJaime Alguersuari
Qualifying position1314
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’49.207 (-0.257)1’49.464
Race position119
Average race lap1’41.917 (+0.149)1’41.768
Pit stops21

Sebastien Buemi

Shared the seventh row of the grid with his team mate but clipped Kamui Kobayashi on the first lap. Despite a damaged front wing he kept Felipe Massa behind.

He pitted for tyres on lap 14 but the team decided not to change his front wing, feeling it would cost too much time. Instead, they brought him in for another stop on lap 34, when he finally got a new nose. After that he lapped quickly towards but the two-stop strategy effectively ended his hopes of a points finish.

Compare Sebastien Buemi’s form against his team mate in 2010

Jaime Alguersuari

Got ahead of his team mate at the start and used a one-stop strategy to good effect to move up the order. A pass on Nico Hulkenberg on lap 31 made the difference between ninth and tenth at the end of the race and secured his first F1 points.

Compare Jaime Alguersuari’s form against his team mate in 2010

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14 comments on “Malaysian GP team-by-team: Toro Rosso”

  1. Keith is there any way to search through old Articles In Brief built into the sight?

    1. Yep just click on the ‘Articles in Brief’ category link at the bottom of any Article in Brief.

      1. Ahhhh I didn’t notice that hiding down there!

      2. I was wondering the same thing. Thanks.

  2. its obvious that the both are very similar but jaime is out performing buemi since the begining of the season still both are bad drivers cause STR has a great car good engine and they arent getting there STR on 06 finished on front of RB cause of the ferrari engines

    1. both are bad drivers cause STR has a great car

      What makes you think the STR5 is so good?

    2. I think both drivers look quite good actually. Buemi looked very promising last year and Alguesuari had a good race last time out.

    3. I don’t think the car is particularly good, not sure why you think it’s so great. I think they’ve worked hard this year to create a car themselves, I’m sure they’ve learnt a lot from Red Bull and I hope they can keep up with development as the year goes on! My worry is other teams will improve and they may not be able to keep up with updates, but at least they don’t have to wait for a hand-me-down from Red Bull now.

      I don’t think either driver is bad. They’re both proving themselves this year. Buemi got the 3rd fastest lap out of everyone this race which is impressive (albeit it was near the end and his tyres were fresher than most, it’s still good!). And Jaime pulled two great moves this race and managed to keep Schumacher behind him for most of Melbourne!

  3. Good progress from STR, great to see.

  4. alguersuari is the quickest rookie… don’t know why some people say he can’t forward in 2010… probably dificult with his team mate, but he enjoy us in sepang

  5. Interesting to see Alguersuari’s times stay pretty much constant throughout the second half of the race. Either he was stuck behind someone (hulk perhaps) or the STR5 tends to mash it’s tyres.

  6. Good to see Jaime start to show his real credentials. Yes, he gained a few places by default (i.e. Barrichello’s tortoise like start, Alonso’s engine blow out), but he did put in a few good movies and had pretty good pace throughout the race.

    I still feel Buemi is the better driver of the two, but Jaime is catching up. Good to see.

    1. absolutly agree with u! what a pity the buemi’s touch in the start… it deprive us to see battle team mate!! i lost money betting on seb…
      but as u say jaime is growing up!! not sure if the young redbull program fires drivers or promote they… i wish some of these 2 guys drives rb7 or 8!

  7. Pretty good race for Toro Rosso. Glad to see Jaime scoring his first points :)

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