Monaco Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Kovalainen rounds the hairpin at the track where Lotus made their debut in 1958
Kovalainen rounds the hairpin at the track where Lotus made their debut in 1958

The Monte-Carlo circuit is the most instantly recognisable setting for a Grand Prix.

Today’s practice sessions gave us a chance to see the cars in their high-downforce configurations, with several of them running new parts and displaying new logos.

Among the new graphics on the cars are Deustche Post logos on the Mercedes, Trina Solar on the Renaults, Telecoms Sans Frontiers on the Williamses and Swiss automotive group Emil Frey on the Saubers.

On the technical side, Ferrari and Sauber aren’t running their F-ducts this weekend – you can see Ferrari are running their flat-sided shark fin wing.

Williams also tested some new front and rear wings. If you spot any other changes to the cars in the pictures below please describe them in the comments.

More pictures of these cars and others will be added to the selection below later – check back soon.

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    20 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix practice in pictures”

    1. Ned Flanders
      13th May 2010, 16:46

      Those are some lovely pictures. I bet F1 photographers wish every race was held in Monaco. I especially love the pictures taken from low down at the Nouvelle chicane looking up with the mountain in the distance.

      In fact, I think being an F1 photographer would be my ideal job. I can always dream…

    2. Younger Hamilton
      13th May 2010, 17:03

      love Lewis’s Monaco special helmet

    3. Wow…..

      These are amazing

    4. I like the little road map inside Trulli’s Lotus…for that walk back to the pits or his hotel room.

      1. Doesn’t Trulli live in Monaco?

      2. Nah, they all have that in their car. So they can talk their engineers around the track.

        1. I was just kidding ,but Trulli is still the best blocker in F1

    5. Ned Flanders
      13th May 2010, 18:07

      Does anyone else like the revised Hispania livery? I love it now, it’s one of my favourite liveries on the grid at the moment. Shame it’s grey still, if it was black with red trim it could be a classic

      1. Yeah, it’s not bad at all – especially compared to the ‘blank-box’ Ferrari – that has to be one of the worst Ferrari liveries ever.

      2. I think its awesome. Love that gunmetal silverey colour, and I love the red/orange stripes.

    6. Yeah! Hispania has done well with the new livery, it’s color is much more better and eye catcher now.

      1. the more McLaren look? great! or did they borrow the livery from Midland F1? hey I’m not knocking them..

    7. Hi Keith,

      Again, no pics of Barrichello? He’s tested, hasn’t he?

      Nice work and wonderful pics, man.. congratulations.

      1. Williams’ server is down at the moment so I’m not able to get pictures from them. No vendetta against Barrichello, I promise!

    8. Thanks for the pictures!! Are you going to post some Sauber pictures too?

    9. did anyone notice that jenson and lewis are not using the same wing?

      1. Looks completely the same to me (if you mean the front wing).

    10. Great shots, loved the Kubica shot of him hard over

    11. The cars look even better than usual this weekend for some reason

    12. Dude, weak. Damn machine was busted. Alonso on pole and win, then Hamilton, Webber, Kubica then Schumacher. Pole time will be 1.15.986

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