Monaco Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

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Webber rounds Rascassse on his way to pole position during qualifying
Webber rounds Rascassse on his way to pole position during qualifying

Mark Webber became the first Australian driver to take pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix since Jack Brabham in 1967.

Take a look back at today’s qualifying session in pictures below.

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4 comments on “Monaco Grand Prix qualifying in pictures”

  1. Great pictures as always Keith!! I like the one with Vettel, Button and Webber! Unfortunately that’s the closest look Button is gonna have on a Red Bull diffuser this weekend :)

    1. Glad you say that, i would not hope he gets lapped :O

      If he stops late for new tyres, there might be a chance of having a Red Bull right in front of him though

  2. Where are the pictures of Alonso during qualifying? I would have thought his face would be all over here, like it was during live broadcasting :D

    I was just wondering about Lewis, he obviously uses the diamond steering wheel, but will he be using the diamond studded helmet for the race as well?

    1. No, they mentioned that on the BBC, in order to use the diamond helmet they would have had to have one crash-tested.

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