Ferrari reveal special 800th Grand Prix livery (Turkish GP Thursday pictures)

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Ferrari's 800th Grand Prix logo

Ferrari are marking their 800th Grand Prix start this weekend with a special design on their engine covers.

Get a closer look at the design below along with other pictures from the pre-race weekend build-up at Istanbul.

2010 Turkish Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT,Getty Images/Red Bull, Lotus F1

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    64 comments on “Ferrari reveal special 800th Grand Prix livery (Turkish GP Thursday pictures)”

    1. I think Schumacher’s teeth partially blinded me, so I couldn’t look at the rest in much detail…

    2. Finally, a design that is not a proxy for a Marlboro logo.

      1. Are you sure ?
        They could be bringing out a new brand of Marboro 800’s to tie in with this :-)

        1. The irony being of course, that Turkey is probably the one place F1 visits that still has a sizable population of smokers!

          1. Legally this is a good move by Ferrari, as now, they can show this and say, this is our livery not advertising, which they will still say when the box or otherwise comes back.

            1. i reckon they should keep it like this for the rest of the year. a counting engine cover. the next race can have 801, then 802, 803, 804 and so on. haha

            2. @TommyC – great idea, this is an enormous improvement over their recent liveries with Barcodes and boxes!

          2. Spot on observation Pink Peril!

            PS. what about changing your name to “pink Pirelli” now to welcome Pirelli to F1?

      2. Pink Peril, the whole world still has a sizable population of smokers. Don’t let the advertising ban fool you into thinking that less people are smoking…

        People’s need for something to depend should not be underestimated.

        I’m willing to bet that more people are Ferrari Fans because they smoke marlboro’s rather than Ferrari Fans Smoke marlboro’s because they support Ferrari.

        I take it to the fact that smokers are more addicted to their type of cigarette rather than the team they support

        1. Yeah. I don’t think a lot of McLaren fans switched away from Marlboro in 1996 either.

          Quite a stupid situation, really. Either you enforce a ban on tobacco sponsorship entirely, not just the cars livery. Or you let them all in and let each country’s rules on tobacco advertising apply.

        2. Of course Ronman, but in Turkey it is still socially acceptable to smoke, in fact its almost expected for the men. Anywhere else in the world, the smokers are hiding behind dumpsters and in laneways. Not in Turkey!

          And I like the Pink Pirelli suggestion BasCB ! Perhaps I could be the Pirelli mascot?

    3. Ned Flanders
      27th May 2010, 23:11

      It would be great if Ferrari could make this a regular thing. A different message each race would look better than an outline of a box

      (and no, I don’t mean race 801, 802, 803 etc! Something more original than that)

      1. Good idea. Maybe they could let fans design something (no Massa-obsessed entries from Steph please ;) lol)

        1. That’s just censorship VF. He’s part of their history :P Just kidding, I’m bad when it comes to Massa but I’m not that bad …

          Actually I’d like when you get those plastic boards and when they move the picture moves? It’s early and I can’t remember what they called so I tried google but it thinks I’m an idiot. Anyway, they would be fun as just paint is getting predictable now :P

          I like it. I’d like them doing a special design every so often, not all the time as I would get bored (just my opinion here ) and I like just seeing the red sometimes. I thought Red Bull would do funky liveries if any team was going to.

          I’m hoping for a good result or a nice story this weekend. F1 somehow always seems to be aware when it is a special time which means Turkey will either be great or a disaster for Ferrari probably.

      2. The problem is that F1 is not just race and drivers, but there are a lot of other things that are taken too. A F1 car can’t move without some millions money moving it.

        1. Yes, but there is difference between mega advertising and a good looking race livery, and Ferrri have not really found it yet.
          The logo does look good, and it would be good to stay for the rest of the season since it covers a big area on the fin. However, Ferraris ‘tradition’ dictates that the cars are more ‘Red’ than anything else, which is a shame, since they can use the name alone to gain sponsorship and support.
          I still don’t see why the livery of any team cannot change between races, and even between practice, qualifying and racing. This is down to agreement between the teams, but has anybody ever refused? We are always treated to Williams celebratory schemes, and Red Bull occasionally. Why indeed, do both cars in the same team have to be the colour? Its the number on it that counts! In fact in the past there have been blue Ferraris, red Williams and white McLarens, so given this is the age of media exposure and 15 minutes of glory for everyone, why are the cars usually so boring to look at?

          1. Ferrri? Ooops! :-)

          2. Praveen Titus
            28th May 2010, 16:26

            I’ve wondered too – you have cars of the same team liveried differently in IndyCar and NASCAR. In MotoGP even numbers are chosen by riders themselves according to their desire.

            In present day Formula 1 it seems there is an unwritten rule that in the name of propriety things should be kept boring. They don’t even let drivers celebrate with their flag on the podium. Look at MotoGP to see how the winner celebrates. But in F1, all the winner does is stand on the car, shake his fists and go to the podium (yeah, I know, what else should he do?).

            I wish drivers could park their car somewhere on the victory lap, get out of it, celebrate before the crowds and then drive back to parc ferme! Well, guess I got too carried away…

            1. Even when the drivers do celebrate it’s not shown on TV.
              Look at Mark Webber after barca, he went out into the runoff to do burnouts so they cut away, they didn’t even show home throwing his helmet into the crowd.

              So they seem to want car driving robots (Raikkonen anyone? :p) rather than big personalities, and it seems to be more of an express policy than just an unwritten law…

    4. Keith, that picture of Petrov is tagged as Kubica.

      1. Sometimes you go get confused. Heck, im polish, and they are both so ugly i could get them mixed up, if it wasn’t for the different hair color.

        1. I go by the size of their noses!

      2. Thanks, fixed.

    5. ooooo that’s one horrid design!

      1. Very horrible. Tacky and cheap. On the other hand, any visit to a Ferrari marketing booth will lead you into an avalanche of tacky and cheap, that’s their design philosophy after all.

        Bring back the barcode!

    6. Is it just me or does massa look decidedly camp in that photo?

      1. Haha! your right!

    7. I know this may sound ridiculous but: Ferrari have now changed the ‘barcode’ twice since The Times’ article.

      Do you reckon Ferrari are under orders to change the logo every so often, to keep the fans talking about it (and therefore Marlboro)? If they are then it’s certainly worked, Marlboro was *instantly* raised in the comments here!

      I don’t remember them ever putting a fancy logo there before either…

      1. Praveen Titus
        28th May 2010, 6:13

        You never know. There could be some Philip Morris-influenced idea here. The only other time in recent memory when Ferrari significantly changed their livery was at the 2001 Italian Grand Prix when they ran a black nose and no sponsorship in memory of 9/11, again under orders from Philip Morris.

        1. When they changed the livery from the barcode to the box it could be viewed as a making sure they didn’t get in trouble for the barcode or as a way to keep the Marlboro name in the news.

          But I think the 800th GP livery is just to celebrate the achievement. If they were still running the regular Marlboro barcode livery they may have been less likely to change it but I think they would still have done something even if it was just in free practice.

        2. I thought they did something similar to remember the pope after he died.

          1. I think they did Calum. They wore black nose cones.

            1. Or the tips were black I should say

    8. Prisoner Monkeys
      28th May 2010, 1:57

      You know, for a livery that has no subliminal message, Ferrari have gone to awful lengths to change their design …

    9. It should read “800 grands Prix” not 800 Grand Prix.. shouldn’t it? It looks cheap to me.

      1. or 800th? Well, I suppose English is their second language.

        1. Yes, that would perfectly explain their choice of spelling for a French expression.

    10. wow, every thing they do there gets critized.

      1. Yes, The zeros are far too round and the eight looks like two balls stacked on top of one another.
        I hate this design!

        I also have a strange craving for a cigarette right now.


        1. zero’s are too round?

          1. it was sarcasm.


      1. Why are you screaming?

        1. Why did he hurt your ears/eyes? OH NO CAPITALS!!!!! AAAAARRRGH ITS TOO LOUD!

    12. Off-topic, but today I saw a packet of Marlboros and I wanted a Ferrari.

      1. Oh, my friend, what a genius observation. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. :)

    13. Untitled258
      28th May 2010, 5:17


      1. I’m not into starting a bashing thread – but that’s funny.

      2. LOLOLOL or something to that effect.

    14. on the Ferrai topic, I though the shark gills were banned in the drastic rule changes of 09, can anyone explain to me why Ferrari seem to be the only team which have brought them back?

      And why they keep getting bigger and bigger?

      1. Red Bull, Renault, Ferrari, Toro Rosso, McLaren, Virgin and Sauber all have shark fins. What do you mean with shark gills? If you mean shark fins then I don’t know why teams still can use them.

        1. Harv’s means the slotted openings in the chassis just ahead of the exhaust; and I too thought they’d been banned.

          1. Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. I don’t have a clue about that. But weren’t bargeboards supposed to be banned as well? Yet they still use them.

            1. Gills were banned but Ferrari managed to find a clever way around it.

              It came up quite a while ago but I don’t have a link or the details to hand but from memory the rule is something like the exhaust opening can only be one hole with a maximum size.

              Ferrari have a little slit between each gill so they are in fact classed as only one opening.

            2. only have a hole with one opening? then why do they have the exaust furter back?

              the exaust and the gills, isnt that two openings? (if the gills are one opening as you say).

    15. Hehehehe, it seems that someone feels little invious…. 800 are quite a bit of races….donno where the others are….

    16. BTW, Vettel’s new car is called “Randy Mandy”

      1. That could keep us amused in the off season, thinking up new names for Seb’s cars. I like this one, but since Vettel still looks like he is 12 it seems a bit wrong on some level.

    17. That picture of the Ferrari nearly made me go to the confectioners and ask for a pack of 20 ‘800 Grand Prix’. Thankfully I remembered that I don’t smoke.

    18. I like the white rims/fairings on the Ferrari.
      Wasn’t a fan of the white bits of the Ferrari but like the wheels now.

    19. they should keep the tally of grands prix raced on for every race, looks better than that stupid white box on the engine cover

    20. More on Ferrari to celebrate their 800th Grand Prix in Turkey

    21. It’s purely a coincidence but when Renault changed their Mild Seven sponsor logo to meet EU regulations they had a logo saying team spirit and a little F1 car picture, and now Ferrarii have put a similar small F1 car picture on their “Marlboro logo bit” of the car.

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