Red Bull and Force India run F-ducts (Turkish Grand Prix practice in pictures)

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Sebastian Vettel climbs uphill at Istanbul

Red Bull and Force India ran F-ducts on their cars for the first time in practice for the Turkish Grand Prix today.

See below for pictures of the new parts and the other cars during practice at Istanbul.

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team

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    26 comments on “Red Bull and Force India run F-ducts (Turkish Grand Prix practice in pictures)”

    1. so, anyone got any idea how the red bull one works? i can’t seem to spot any clear intake for it. maybe i just need to look harder…
      thanks for the photos keith, superb as usual!

      1. I’m not sure but it seems to me that there’s a separator oven the RedBulls air intake above the drivers head! There wasn’t anything like that in Monaco or Spain ;) that must be it!!

        1. I ment in the air intake:)

      2. if you look closely on other pics you can see that the red bull air intake above the driver is split into two.

      3. It’s part of the air intake above the driver’s head. It’s a hand operated one aswell so we may have one handed steering again this week, although I’ve just heard Red Bull wont be using their’s.

        Anyone seen Force India’s yet?

    2. Can someone post some photos of the teams hq’s at the track?

      1. …Just heard back from Virgin, apparently the logos aren’t there because of “local branding guidelines”.

        1. I think it might be because the country is 99% Muslim and they aren’t allowed to gamble.

          1. In several federal states of germany adversting for “online gamblig” is not allowed because there is a government monopoly for gambling. In Hesse they tried to stop Real Madrid wearing their “bwin” branded jersey in friendly versus Frankfurt.
            So there might others reasons than religion.

          2. I’m living in Turkey and no casinos here but gambling is playing in many places so , many people not really depends on own religion. Sorry for my poor English by the way.

        2. and yet the red triangle is still on the side!!
          A bit like Ferraris Marlboro barcode surely?

          1. Oh no not at all! you see Virgin is still kept the triangle to insinuate the advertisement. Ferrari isn’t doing ANYTHING like that…..

    3. Great, take your sponsor off the car, the 99 local people who attend the race might be offended.

      They should change the logo and name to some thing innocuous that still conveys the product, as the teams did with cigarette sponsors. “Full Tilt Boogie”, or other.

      1. To be honest the Virgin cars get so little TV time alot of people haven’t even noticed the sponsor was removed.

        1. I think di Grassi got more airtime than Webber in race at Monaco :P

          If you could make the cars cheaply enough, you could plan a violent looking but safe crash each week just to get the TV time. Maybe it’d be best suited to sponsoring an insurance company….

      2. Yes, heaven forbid that a visitor might be sensitive to the local culture and customs…

    4. The Ferrari has gills… again! Thought these were banned since last year? :-/

      1. I saw that today aswell. Doesn’t really seem to have helped them out though.

    5. doesn’t that “800 Grand Prix” decal make you all want to smoke cigarettes?..badly?

    6. What is that small hole at the right side of Ferrari`s airboxes, that looks like another onboard camera but smaller than the normal one.


      side views show how effective the rear-end packaging of RBR. I was expecting that many teams would turn-up with pull-rod rear suspension layout this season, after what RBR had proven with it last season, but only RBR stayed with it… and I’m sure, some (if not many) teams might have already chosen that layout for 2011, with DDD out of picture for 2011 it would be effective to use.

      1. good photo, what site is it from?

    8. Did Trulli change his helmet design??

      1. Yeah, I think so anyway. Last GP he used a design from his old F3 days whcih was more like the Italian flag. This weekend there appears to be less green and more red. I haven’t seen any close ups though to be more accurate

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