German Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

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Red Bull scored their tenth pole positions from 11 attempts in 2010 at the Hockenheimring.

Take a look back at pictures from the session below in which home hero Sebastian Vettel came out on top with the Ferraris in close pursuit.

2010 German Grand Prix

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    Images (C) Ferrari spa, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, Bridgestone/Ercole Colombo,, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India F1 Team, Lotus F1, Motioncompany

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    20 comments on “German Grand Prix qualifying in pictures”

    1. Great pictures Kieth!

    2. There seems to be a new guy, Mark Vettel, in the pictures!

      1. Funny, I’m sure I heard a certain Sebastian Webber mentioned in commentary too!

    3. pic on 3rd row from bottom……that should be Mark Webber not Mark Vettel :D:D

    4. I am still new in F1, can someone pls tell me what is meant by the clean side of the track and which positions are that in the top 6. Many thanks

      1. The “clean” side of the track is that that is on the racing line, and therefore used most/kept cleaner than the other side.

        Pole position (P1) is usually on this side of the track, as it is at Hockenheim.

        Therefore drivers on clean side are:

        P1. Vettel
        P3. Massa
        P5. Button

        and drivers on the dirty side are:

        P2. Alonso
        P4. Webber
        P6. Hamilton

        Hope this helps

        Kind regards,

        1. It does, thank you :)

          1. Basically on most of the tracks the cars drive one one side of the start/finish straight, because that is the racing line (shortest, quickest way). And as they do this for the whole of the weekend, the track cleans from the different rubbish by the aerodynamics and tyres, also they slightly rubber in, this makes the racing line more gripy. On the other side where the cars don’t run all the time, it is dusty and not so grippy (although they sometimes have a big clean-up machine to clean the dirty side of the grid, it still isn’t as affective as F1 cars driving on it full speed).
            The pole position is always on the racing/clean side, therefore every odd number position is on the clean side ( etc.)

    5. Why does Vettel change his helmet design every 10 minutes, with each one being more forgettable than the last?

      1. Maybe this one brought the pole position and the other couldn’t!!! Superstitious maybe!

        1. I heard that Vettel was even going to change his helmet design mid race!

    6. “The Finger” ‘s back on top :D

      1. will alonso chop the finger and after crash and burn

    7. Anyone noticed in the background of one of them the Stig?

      1. whaaaaat? where? :D

    8. STRFerrari4Ever
      25th July 2010, 0:44

      Great pictures Keith especially the one were Vettel is raising his arms. His helmet for this race is absolutely fantastic lets hope he crosses the line first in the race :).

    9. Thanks again Keith, sad you didn’t post any Schumi pics :(

    10. Great pictures.
      Is it just me … but … doesn’t Seb’s finger waving action look kind of rude?

      1. I have the same feeling mate. I don’t know why, but it makes me angry a little bit. Maybe it’s just because he’s a young and he likes to attract the attention of people.

    11. A few more sponsor logos on the HRT can only be a good thing.

      Ferrari’s white box has disappeared for good it seems.

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