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2011 F1 testing

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The first test session of 2011 has begun in Valencia.

Here are the first pictures of the newly-launched 2011 F1 cars in action including the Ferrari F150, Red Bull RB7 and Mercedes W02.

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119 comments on “Valencia testing day 1 in pictures”

  1. Cool new hat Schumi!!

    1. do you think his race helmet will have changed to match?

      1. Looking at the launch photos, it hasn’t.

    2. the liveries this year are awful: the only nice ones are the red bull and the old mclaren

    3. this new mclaren is ugly like hell

      1. It’s not new, it’s last year’s car.

        1. I know I was just feeding the rumour that they were behind in developement

          1. Fantastic work, They might give you a job at pit pass.

      2. Jarred Walmsley
        2nd February 2011, 1:36

        So, just to confirm;

        McLaren, HRT, Force India are all running the 2010 spec cars? Albeit with a few new aero parts and the Pirelli tyres

        1. Virgin is running last years car as well.


    1. just a pity we cant see it

      1. Just wait for another 39 days for it to start again.

        1. *Rocking back and forth in chair*

          Soon, very soon….

    2. So has my pizza!

  3. I’d love to see a picture of the R31 and the W02 alongside one another.

    Keith, can you make Schumacher and Petrov hold formation long enough to get some action shots going?

    1. Isn’t Rosberg driving the W02 first? Thats why Schumi is showing off his new cap.

      1. Yes you’re right – I believe Michael is in this afternoon!

        1. This afternoon is fine. I’m not going anywhere.

    2. I second that, eager to see black and silver side to side :)

  4. Great to get this news so fast and to see them on the track. Thankyou Keith!

  5. Any idea if a website is running live timing from the test?

      1. jimscreechy (@)
        1st February 2011, 10:57

        YEah the bbc link above is largely useless, with all sorts of johny-have-a-go opinions, useless comments and very little timing information.

        I had a great site last year with the live timing auto-updates, but can’t find it now. I am using
        It is in dutch but the timing is there. If anyone comes up with a better live timing link please post.

        1. Yeah I know it isn’t amazing but it was the only one I knew for test sessions. For race timings I use the F1 app, it is a shame that they don’t do one for test sessions.

        2. Thanks for the link… this 1 is much better.

  6. Looks like a New Front and Rear wing on that McLaren. I think they might be testing more new parts than they made everybody beleive they would

    1. I don’t think they do! Actually they are trying to collect data from Pirelli tyres as everybody else i suspect! And they are doing so by using the last years car on which they have lots of data! This way they will be able to compare the data to the ones they have from Bridgestone!
      Ferrari, as well, are using last years front wing for the same reason plus to their intention to hide what ever they have designed for this year!

      1. It makes sense to test the tyres with last years car as you explained but why are only they doing it this way?

        1. Well Carl that’s a really good question…I guess will wait and find out why McLaren approached the first days of testing this way!
          Perhaps, as you said, they are using new parts that aren’t obvious. What ever the case is though that looks the same car (outside) McLaren finished the season in Abu Dhabi.

          1. Yes, I also thought it looks exactly the same as for the Abu Dhabi tyre test – I suppose that could be exactly the point. Also, this was just the first half of the first day of testing – might well change in the next few days after they did a ‘baseline’ with the car in this configuration.

        2. I guess you get an accurate comparison between the tyres if you run an identical setup & car as you did on the bridgestones. So they would probably have all the data from the last time they were testing in Valencia on bridgestones, and they could compare t with the exact same data they gather on Pirellis. Its just a guess… I could be wrong.

    2. Not really. It could just be the team’s Valencia package from last year. I think this is a pure tyre test for them

      1. It’s unlikely to be their Valencia package (unless they’re running really old kit from testing last time around), as this isn’t the Valencia street circuit, they’re testing at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, near Valencia, which is a MotoGP circuit.

        Most likely it’s similar to what they had on for the tyre test at the end of last season in Abu Dhabi, for direct comparison purposes, to observe changes in the tyres made by Pirelli, and to gather data.

    3. I was under the impression that they have modified the wings to give a reasonable representation of the downforce associated with the current regulations while still using the rest of the old car to compare tyre data.

      1. Looking at pictures the wings are identical to the ones that were reun in Abu Dhabi. For an “interim” car it sure looks a lot like it did at the end of 2010 :/

        1. Yes, by the looks of it, the full DDD is still on there too, so by now way 2011 aero – I would think it is then better to keep it all close to 2010 spec.

        2. The only thing interim might well be they stuffed the F-duct hole!

  7. TBH, an I don’t like being this honnest, car I’m most impressed by is still the Ferrari, this is not a feeling I treasure. Hope against hope now that McLaren have pulled it out of the bag.

    Redbull could well be hiding something, as could the other, I really hope McLaren have nice go faster tricks but bleedin bejeezus I hope this seasons competative.

    1. They might fancy having a look at those front blowing exhaust exits to see if they can get some of those before friday :-D

      I do expect them to try something new of their own, and they might get strategy call and developmentst right to work the tyres this year. Just think of Hamilton blitzing past some cars on the straights, getting others in the corners and come out battling Button (who ended up there by passing twice only but at the right moment and finally getting temperature in those tyres for Q3) for the win in the last laps!
      I am looking forward

  8. Why do you bother showing last year’s McLaren? IMO Waste of space on the website, a lot of new cars deserving a picture or two.

    1. There are only 7 pictures up, there are always a lot more when Keith has them, so it’s not exactly a “waste” yet!

      Anyway, the lesser-spotted Gary Paffett is always something worth capturing for its rarity in an F1 car!

      1. Lmao, the lesser-spotted Gray Paffett!

    2. Rather ungrateful!

  9. Chill out cyclops there are 2 pictures… big waste of space, there may not be other cars out yet.

  10. Hey guys. Live timing working now

  11. Now I will have some new wallpapers :)

  12. The Mercedes just looks…right.

    1. It looks like a duck-billed platypus!

      1. Last years Redbull nose with a light airy fresh livery! The best so far!

  13. Anyone putting money on Karthikeyan doing something ridiculously stupid today?

    1. Whatever he does, it won’t be half as stupid as what Kolles did when he hired him.

      1. LOL. Agree with your statement sir

      2. Ooohh – zing!

    2. what did he do?

    3. I doubt he’ll top their superstar from last year who put his pit lane limiter on at the start of the race…

      1. You my friend… underestimate the sheer talent of Mr.Karthikeyan. He will top that!

  14. i think i’m not alone in saying that the mercedes is the nicest looking of the cars revealed so far.

    looked decent last year, the additional use of the petronas blue/green on the side panels etc just completes it. lovely looking car!

    red bull and ferrari largely look like last years, i think the mclaren will look very similar to 2010 also.

    the silver (and green) arrow is awesome.

    1. I think I like the Renault the best judging from these pics.

      It’s hard to choose though, they are all very much similar. Hope McLaren surprise us again.

  15. Looks like the usual suspects are putting in fast times already. Fernando and Vettel are 1 sec quicker than anyone else out on track

    1. last year there were doing 1:11 high, so there is pleanty to go

      1. i doubt they will get anywhere near that without double diffusers

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised, this year they have KERS and adjustable rear wings

          1. but no F-ducts and slower tyres

    2. It’s well-known that testing doesn’t mean anything. This time last year, Sauber were blindingly quick, and people were beginning to wonder if they were the dark horses of 2010. Then the racing began, and Sauber were at the back of the midfield.

      If Alonso and Vettel are at the front of the pack by a full second, it’s most likely because they are doing testing programs that involve short runs and low fuel. We won’t know the true pace of everyone until the Bahrain Grand Prix.

      1. It’s well-known that testing doesn’t mean anything.

        I agree to a degree, esp the 1st two tests……..
        ….but last year tests did correctly predict the top 6 (with the exception of Sauber running on vapours for the 1st few tests)

  16. That Merc sure looks agile.

    I’m loving how good Petrov’s helmet looks with the R31. It makes the red endplates look better.

    That reminds me, will Kubica’s helmet go back to red? If it does that’ll match ’em too! Or will he go black and follow the car?

    1. According to some French site i visited yesterday, he will have a red coloured helmet with carbon fibre motive and Poland’s flags. I’ll try to find the link…

      1. Brilliant, back to his old style pretty much then! Thank you for posting.

  17. renault looks alot better out on track..
    really excitied for mclaren lauch on friday :D

    1. funny – I was thinking the exact opposite – the shot from the front makes it look… fat. Kind of like the early raised noses

      1. I thought it looked godawful before and it looks even worse out on the track.

  18. No-one is setting representative times yet. End of!!!

    They’ve got all sorts of tinkering to get done before they’ll let the drivers give it full beans.

    Ferrari may be happier to go at a quicker pace as their manufacturing schedule was ahead of everyone elses so they probably have a few spare components they can use in case Alonslow wipes the nose off or something.

    Everyone else will be very cautious until the spares start rolling off the production line.

  19. that Williams is really tight and naked at the back, as opposed to the bulky FI

    1. I was just thinking that too, there really isn’t much in that area at all! looks like thay have really had to search for places to mount the suspension.

    2. Exactly, a very nice comparison of how getting rid of the double diffusor changed cars between 2010 and 2011 (with FI using its 2010 contenter for the first test)

      1. the williams looks so tight, i struggle to think where they put the gearbox/KERS

    3. I wonder if the HRT will have similar packaging since they are using the Williams gearbox?

  20. Keith, is there any chance of getting hold of a picture of the front of the Renault, so we can see their front-facing EBD please?

    1. Trying to get one but it hasn’t been out much yet. Julien is down in the pits at the moment hunting for it.

      1. great coverage of the launches etc. for now Keith. I must say i like the improved Mercedes livery most some of the pictures are great.

      2. Point out to him that if he can get one then it will probably be all over the internet within minutes and could very well be in demand from other publications etc!!

  21. One thing I’ve noticed is a lot more cars running pull rod rear suspension packages this year.
    Red Bull and Toro Rosso

    1. And Lotus, right?

      1. are lotus actually there?

        1. They are, but they arrived only today and will start testing tomorrow (and continue one day after the rest have packed up)

  22. Wow the point where the rear wing is bolted on (to the diff I think?) is totally exposed on the Williams.

    1. Oh and do my eyes deceive me or are there suspension arms attached to the rear wing support?

      1. I suppose they really did go agressive this year! Free flowing air in front of the rear wing and beam wing.

        1. Did someone buy Patrick Head an Ariel Atom for Christmas? :D

  23. Much, much differences in airscopes and rollbars this year…

    1. For now it does seem to me, they are experiencing some problems. They ran 9 laps in the morning until Rosberg stalled on the straight, haven’t been out after that.

  24. We need some nice close up photos of the front of those Renault sidepods…to see if we can spot the exhausts!!

  25. Good to see the season kick into life but is anyone else disappointed how alike all the cars look? Yes the Red Bull is a great car but where has the imagination gone? However loving the new Mercedes, looks the nuts!!

  26. This afternoon is pretty dry when it comes to news from the track. Maybe you guys have some recommendations, some websites with live commentary or some tweet channels to follow?

    F1Fanatic is great when it comes to new pictures from the track and I’m here all the time. I absolutely love them, and I already have some candidates for my new wallpaper, but some commentary would be nice too.

    I’m just wondering, is there anyone here who bought a PLUS subscription on autosport? If so, is the autosport live worth it? Thanks in advance.

  27. They should have had that Ferrari clearing the roads this winter, looks perfect for the job.

    That Williams rear end is phenomenal, I hope that proves seriously innovative and fast, would be great to see them back up at the sharp end.

  28. In this photo you can still see on the rear wing the traces of the “HISPANIA” logo.

    1. Nothing a little polishing and buffing can’t remove… oh wait, that’s not in this years budget.

    1. They spray a fluorescent dye on it to se how the airflow acts on the surface of the wing.

  29. Everyone is talking about the cars, but what about the tires? are there slower then the bridgestones?

    1. probably a bit slower, but not by much. If you compare last years times they are about the same as now, but the cars themselves will have gone faster.

      1. Nico Rosberg said they were the same (almost) as the bridgestones, and that they still understeer. Ofc that could just be a chance to play mind games with schumi…

        1. I would think he is having a go. Just to be on the safe side. Schumi did go a lot faster with the car in the afternoon to see what was in it, so he might be right about the tyres.

  30. Some excellent pictures. The rear of the Williams is so tightly packaged. The gearbox must be tiny:

  31. What is the sword like thing on Alonso’s car?

    1. It has a pitot on the top so it’s mesuring the air speed, probably comparing the speed with the readings from the pitot on the nose. I’m not sure if that’s the only job it’s doing though; it could have something to do with windtunnel or CFD caliberation.

    2. Its something for sensors, they have it in testing each year (we had a lot of discussions about this during testing last year, there is bound to be more detail in those articles)

      1. Does anyone have the link?

  32. All the teams seem to leave the rear of their cars unpainted carbon black – would it not be advantageous to paint them white since this is where the high temps are usually exiting – unless you are Renault!

    1. That’s because the rear of the car gets so hot the paint would melt. The Honda Earth car of 2007 is a good illustration, the Earth graphic was cut off because it would melt if it was placed around the rear bodywork:

  33. Fernandos Helmet with that new Ferrari/Marlboro sign looks hideous

  34. G’day, just wondering why we are sening a trend with all teams opting for a higher nose cone? Id like your opinions. I am not expert. Could it be as they have a reduction in rear end downforce therefore they require less front end downforce to better balance there cars?

  35. i like the black and gold, I think it’s gorgeous but if you’re gonna have red on it then surely go for the red and gold colours?! And by the way, all team jackets MUST be made from swade! (I know that’s probably not how you spell it but it sounds like that and you know what I mean!)

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