Barcelona test day 3 in pictures

2011 F1 testing

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Rain hit the third day of testing in Barcelona.

See below for pictures of the cars testing in the rain at the Circuit de Catalunya.

F1 pictures

Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Force India F1 Team, Team Lotus 2011, Sauber F1 Team

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27 comments on “Barcelona test day 3 in pictures”

  1. nice ones but all the photos are marked as Bahrain 2011

    1. Shows where Keiths thoughts have been at today!

  2. McLaren? seems to be the only car camera shy!

    1. More pictures will be added here shortly.

      McLaren comes always last.

      1. (posh British voice) Why sir, this is an indication of anti-British and anti-Mclaren favouritism. I’d wager…….

        Wait a minute…..

        1. My objective was to hide a double-sense. :P

  3. Wow!! The Team Lotus pics are amazing!!
    Love the green “Pirelli” which sort-off matches the car

    1. the best pics yet nice technique just art

  4. Younger Hamilton
    20th February 2011, 17:39

    Why is Ferrari always at the top,Why is that even necessary?

    1. You’re complaining about the order the pictures are in? Does it really matter?

      1. people are hard too please keith : ) haha

      2. His nick would explain that..

      3. I want a refund. Oh wait…

      4. At least make it clear when you add pictures where you put them, because putting them random and mixing them with previous ones makes it difficult to identify them. Maybe you could group them by team, then by driver.

      5. Does it really matter?


    2. May have been out first and uploaded to the site in that way?

  5. I must admit.The renault livery is growing on me.At the launch i thought it was the worst looking of all but pictures like are making me change my mind.Also,it looks one of the most menacing cars from the front

  6. I love the tread pattern on the intermediates, hope they keep the green for full wets too, makes it easy to distinguish

  7. is it just me or does anyone else think the lotus would look so much better if the colour scheme was reversed.. e.g the black was gold and the gold was black..?!


    1. lotus Renault*

  8. Word on the street Ricciardo was putting in some impressive times in changeable conditions (just shy if Hamilton) before he handed over the car to Buemi who set his times in the dry…he never fails to impress.

  9. Just returned to UK tonight from Barcalona spent 3 days testing fantastic. The McLaren wasn’t camera shy it spent most of the day in its warm garage. while we all froze until the sun came out about 2.30pm I thought McLaren did about 45 laps, where Autosport got 93 laps from I can’t understand, I must have drunk a sleeping draft. Not surprised at Rosberg’s times the Mercedes sounds incredible braking for turns a combination of KERS and blown diffuser I suspect. The Lotus sounds very loud everywhere very cool.

    1. Great to hear about it. How does going to the tests compare to a GP weekend for seeing the cars?

      I really get the impression, those cars sound quit differently this year. Did you get a clue of weather Rosberg was pushing it more than say Webber or Massa?

      1. It’s my fifth year of testing somewhere (not always Spain.) The last 3 years have been difficult to judge actual car speed as most F1 Journalists will tell you different fuel loads, tyres etc. You also never know what the team is testing. Average times mean little as drivers on long runs will slow down to allow faster drivers past and lose 3-4 seconds on that lap. The cars always sound very different as they cough, splutter and pop all the time which TV seems to smooth out or miss. Unless you are enjoying corporate hospitallity you don’t get times so I take a stop watch, which is a little inaccurate although I measured Lewis’ fast lap yesterday just before lunch and knew it was quick. your quesion of who was pushing. In the words of Brundle I’d like to believe these guys are born racers and push all the time. However, I’m sure engineers want a steady pace when testing so they can tell if the tweaks/changes are working. of course it’s a fine line between spinning and on the limit. Testing is sort of cheap for 15 euros yesterday I sat in Tribuna A which is the start finish line Grandstand to sit here on race day is 450 euros!
        Hope that is useful

        1. Yep, that is usefull, thanks! A shame the weather is not that great, but it sounds like a great means to get close to the cars on a budget!

  10. i like very much ferrari but i like and the other teams like sauber and put on the pictures and an picture of fernando alonso

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