2011 Japanese Grand Prix practice in pictures

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Pictures from Friday’s practice sessions for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Jenson Button is another driver wearing a special helmet this weekend.

He explained the change in the design: “My crash helmet for this weekend features the Japanese flag and the words ‘JB’ and ‘Jenson’ in Japanese on the sides and the back.

“It’s similar to the helmet I wore in Monaco, and I’ll be auctioning it off after the race to raise money for the people who’ve been affected by the earthquakes and tsunami here in Japan.”

F1 pictures

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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24 comments on “2011 Japanese Grand Prix practice in pictures”

  1. Who comes up with the idea of having a country’s flag on one’s boots?

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      7th October 2011, 18:18

      probably the same manager who always says Hamilton’s driving is still perfect, without mistakes. A manager who congratulates him for losing his “number one” status by Jenson Button

    2. no, probably the type of guy that clearly understands that flags are simply logos, nothing more, and that like all logos can be re-purposed as required and desired, and that the symbology can be employed in many diverse applications.
      In this case, a striking graphic design, with the clear intent to try to help others who may be struggling after a disaster. Those shoes, with red circles printed, may help someone out … sneering and spite in an internet comment thread on the other hand, not so much.

      They are shoe leather, not flags, you can tell the difference, because flags go on flagpoles, and boots go on feet.

      1. Great comment Gold Leaf, I don’t understand some of the newer people that have joined the forum. However, it seems redundant to call out a driver on line like some internet tough guy. The shoes are to help out after the race, just like the same idea of the helmets from Kobiyashi and Luizzi. If you dislike Hamilton keep it to yourself, but those comments are uncalled for.

  2. “Daniel Ricciardo, Force India” – hope not…

    1. Already changed it.

  3. Can anyone here translate Jenson’s helmet for me? Sadly I can’t read Japanese :(

    1. @ScuderiaVincero

      Keith mentioned it at the top.

      “He explained the change in the design: “My crash helmet for this weekend features the Japanese flag and the words ‘JB’ and ‘Jenson’ in Japanese on the sides and the back.”

    2. On the left and right side, it says “JB” spelled out in Katakana — a form of Japanese used to spell out non-Japanese words. If romanized, it would be spelled “Jeibii”. The dash at the end just elongates the sound, hence the double vowel.

      Sorry for the Japanese lesson =X

      1. @AndrewTanner Thanks, didn’t see that at first :)

        @bienc Hahah, I’ve been looking to learn foreign languages, so a BIG thank you here :)

  4. The Japanese language and colours of their flag really do lend themselves wonderfully to artistic creations.

    1. @AndrewTanner couldn’t agree more.

    2. Yeah, it was my favourite poster to create as well :)

      1. @PJTierney the posters are amazing. The Japan one is my favourite. Still gotta show my graphics friend them all, he’d love ’em.

        1. Cool stuff :)

          I’m also working on a new F1 project that I might be able to show people soon.

  5. I really dont like Button’s helmet. It’s for a good cause but I just don’t like the design.

    1. Same for me @daykind . Not that ist ugly, just its not much special. Kobayashi’s helmet is not really great either, especially when we compare with that great design Liuzzi has brought.

      But seeing all these helmets with a white and red motive, wouldn’t it be a nice idea for a special action if ALL drivers would use the same design, just with their names on top? And then sell them or put them in a museum for charity!

  6. Incredible the quantity of amazing pictures here!

    1. Yep, there’s some lovely ones.

  7. I might be seeing ghosts, but Vettel’s front wing looks to have been severed from the nose quite smoothly.

  8. can you put british flag on your shoes in britain?

    1. I imagine they exist. As Gold Leaf said above, it’s just a design, there doesn’t have to be some deep symbolic meaning to it. I think they look pretty cool.

  9. Those are the best pics in a long long time, awesome.

  10. Why i don’t see full size pictures?

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