5 comments on “Pedro de la Rosa, HRT, Jerez, 2012”

  1. Now, this is what a F1 car should look like, well done HRT. Besides McLaren the rest so far are positively ugly!

    1. If this is Jerez test photo, than it’s not the 2012 spec. You’re complimenting the last year’s car.

      1. Actually, it is the 2012 car. Check the HRT official website.

        1. No, it’s not. HRT was using 2011 model in Jerez. According to current regulations a car which did not pass crash tests cannot take part in testing.

          http://www.hrtf1team.com/en/multimedia/fotos/ look. It’s 7th and 8th February in Jerez, HRT’s 2011 car.

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