2012 F1 testing day 11 in pictures

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Pictures from the third day of the final pre-season F1 test at the Circuit de Catalunya.

F1 pictures

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham

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11 comments on “2012 F1 testing day 11 in pictures”

  1. Take pics of Mclarens much?

    1. yeh, its been days since we had any pics of a mclaren

      1. Obviously I can only display images I have approval to use. If I can’t get any of the McLaren on a particularly day then there won’t be any. This is a problem that’s generally only confined to testing.

        Of course, on occasions when I’m able to have a photographer of my own at the circuit (as was the case last week) it’s not a problem, but I’m not able to afford that for every test. If that’s something you’re especially keen to see happen then donations are always welcome – hit the ‘contribute’ link on the menu at the top if you want to chip in.

    2. I was thinking the same…

    3. More pictures will be added soon. It says at the top.

      Factor in that it may take more time to get permission from some teams/photographers than others.

  2. I wonder what Rivola and Vettel were talking about…

  3. @mikeycool Stop picking on the fact there are no pictures of Mclarens, the sarcasm comes over as being mean. Keith can only use pictures he has acess to. If you want McLarens use the entire web there are thousands out there

    1. I am also dissapointed with no pics of the MP4-27, but I respect Keith for only publishing what he has the rights too!

  4. Where are the Bruno Senna Pictures?

  5. Is the “new” red bull out?

  6. The E20 is nice. There’s not much going on, but I just like it’s simplicity.

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