2012 Bahrain Grand Prix Thursday pictures

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Pictures from the paddock at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Thursday.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Caterham/LAT, HRT

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37 comments on “2012 Bahrain Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

    1. To be fair, how often do you see F1 drivers rapt with joy at facing yet another press conference?

    1. *WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT* Could have at least put a warning yourself, mate.

      1. Apologies, you’re right!

    2. Take your agenda somewhere else.Bahrain GP is a sporting event,and this is a F1 fan site not a political stand.If your gonna talk about F1 motor racing in Bahrain go ahead,but if not go to Bahrain and fight the oppressive government yourself if you feel so strongly about it,don’t be a keyboard ninja.Like i said this is a sporting event,nothing more.

      1. The race promoters chose to politicise the F1 visit to Bahrain with the slogan “UniF1ed – a nation in celebration” plastered everywhere – which by the way is excplicitly forbidden by Article 1 of the FIA statute.

        Hence I would suggest they are fair game for political comment.

        The turkish promoters found this out in 2006.

        1. That doesn’t give you the right to post graphic content in the images thread without any kind of warning, least of when you present it as being photos from the circuit rather than from the protests. Not cool.

      2. @kimster381 If you’re happy with the situation that’s up to you, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to tell others what to think:

        The Bahrain Grand Prix: A matter of conscience

        1. @kimster381 Not only am I entitled to express what I think, but I’m happy to know that I won’t have my house broken into during the middle of the night, be brutalised and taken to a detention camp for my views.

          Mayve you should think long and hard about the freedoms we have, and the repression others face

          1. Now you’re getting ahead of yourself.Not only don’t i have the power to prevent you from speaking your mind,i’m not interested in doing something like that.I don’t care what you say about it,but those pictures you posted don’t belong on sites like this one,just not the place for it,nuff said.Btw if i was you i would be more worried about my own liberties and rights that are slowly dissipating,then the rights of those people.They wouldn’t know what to do with them,even if they somehow got them.Let’s just drop this,we have a FP1 tomorrow morning to look forward to.

          2. @kimster381 I don’t want to stop people visitin Keiths site, but you are unreal, you said “if i was you i would be more worried about my own liberties and rights that are slowly dissipating,then the rights of those people.They wouldn’t know what to do with them,even if they somehow got them”

            Are you suggestng that the ordinary Bharaini’s are sub human compared to UK citizens? Do they need to be controlled by a tin pot dictactor regime and need to be repressd, brutalised and murdered because they are likely to cause anarchy if they are allowed to elect a democratic government?

            In fact lets not drop this as you suggest

            The BICI report shows that 60 people have been brutally tortured and murdered. Read it (It’s very graphic and disturbing content)

            Read Appendix B, p.431-478. 60 cases of torture reviewed in detail. Very great detail (not for the squeamish)

            I’m sure these “tortured animals” would do no worse a job of running the country than the playboy billionaires who buy Yachts and toys for £100’s m

            I suggest you reconsider your opinion. Such a dismissive attitude to other human beings is repulsive to me.

  1. No smiles and some worried faces. I would be to if I were them.

  2. Nice portraits of Webber and Raikkonen.

  3. I don’t imagine I’m the only one feeling less and less comfortable about this race?

    1. I think the Force India mechanics who have asked to return home after narrowly avoiding petrol bombs on their way to the track share your sentiments. This is a ridiculous situation.

      1. Aside from whether it is morally right or wrong, I also think this situation is detrimental to the image of F1 in general

      2. My understanding of the Force India situation was that the guys who went home weren’t actually the ones involved in the petrol bomb incident, it just made up their minds to leave.

        I just hope the teams aren’t going to hold it against team members who don’t want to be there. There’s no way they’re going to perform at their best if they aren’t comfortable being there or feel like they’re forced to be there so they’re better off going home.

      3. Actually I stand corrected. Just read on James Allen’s website that one of the Force India guys was involved with the petrol bomb incident and one wasn’t.

  4. Supposedly the American band (well not sure if they can be called a band) LMFAO is playing a concert at the track after the race and the UK based “Red Hot Chili Pipers” is playing numerous shows at the track throughout the weekend as well.

  5. You guys also need to realize that these aren’t all of the pictures that have been taken at Bahrain. I’m sure there are many that show the drivers smiling as well, but for obvious reasons, they aren’t put here; they don’t fit the mood.

    Add to that the fact that Keith is clearly in strong opposition of the race getting the go ahead, and you’ll realize that while the atmosphere at the track is different, they aren’t running for bomb shelters, or dodging bullets. Their faces don’t necessarily have anything to do with the political situation in Bahrain, and as drivers, they really shouldn’t.

    1. Knowinng a number of people in the paddock I can tell you the march to Bahrain, ochestrated by the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone, was akin to the march organised by the grand old duke of York.

      Most people were uncomfortable with the decision to go, but for contractual reasons they have no choice. As soon as the Force India guys ended up facing a molotof cocktail, this nervousness was exponentially multiplied.

      Jake Humphrey tweeted today he would probably not risk going out tonight, but eat in at the hotel and go to the gym.

      James Allen (senior F1 journalist) commented there was an uneasy atmosphere amongst the F1 personnel today.

      These are facts, reported by credible journalists. They’re not just making it up.

      Maybe you should try and put yourself in the place where you may be driving home frm work and have to dodge a petrol bomb in your car. How would that feel?

    2. Ecclestone has forced the teams to go to Bahrain, under highly punative financial penalties if they break the concorde agreement. This is why they are thin lipped in their responses to the continual questions over the being in Bahrain issue.

      No one is exhuberant about being there.

      Ecclestone is further trying to divide and conquer the teams over how much mony they will receive from the new concorde agreement. Mercedes GP have so far held out.

      I have heard it said that there is an attitude with the teams that when it all ends in tears, Bernie Ecclestone will be discredited and go some way to break this dictatorial power he has over F1 teams.

      1. Not to mention many teams have sponsors and other contracts from that “part of the world” and the sponsors do not want to get bad rep in any way so the drivers and all personnel are instructed to not talk about it because what they would say is that racing there is wrong. It’s pr.

        But then again F1 would go to afghanistan if there was some local business lord who would pay for it. Hell, I’m sure Bernie would race in tianan’men square in 1989 or in south africa at the height of the apartheid (oh but they did!). Everybody just want their money and be done with it and at most everyone are expecting someone else to do something about it. Or maybe they are all just expecting something bad to happen so they can keep their money and not race because of some lines of text in the contract.

        But then again we had a race in China last weekend and it was all happy exciting awesome. Maybe the Bahrain race is just awesome exciting happy as well. Forget the torture and let’s hope it’s a good race!

        (gets off his high horse)

  6. I don’t think Raikkonen’s sunglasses are big enough…

    1. @andrewtanner Is he getting his supply of sunglasses from Lady Gaga or smething?

      1. @scuderiavincero It must be the same place where he and Alonso get those ridiculous hats.

    1. Thank you very much for the website, saw that logo in many youtube vids. Site is amazing.

  7. Those worried faces, deserted stands and people with some amount of fear surely in their minds…no good to racing!

  8. will these mechanics lose their jobs by any chance. They should have stayed “in the trenches” and not abandon the team…go home to mommy while the team stays behind.

  9. Petrov: Hey man, what are you doing back there? I thought we were all walking in a line.

    Man at back: Didn’t you hear about Force India? If it’s all the same to you mate, I’m staying behind this fat guy.

    Petrov: Yeah I heard about it… it sounded like an awesome cocktail party, I totally want to meet this guy Molotov.

    Man at back: Err…

    Man on left (whispering): Better not tell him…

    1. That’s just lame @jonathan189

  10. @mw It was meant to be a satire on how drivers are ignorant of the political turmoil surrounding them. I expect that Private Eye will be ringing any minute to offer me a contract.

    1. I get that it’s a satire @jonathan189 and I don’t want to waste time on this but this doesn’t work for the following reasons;
      1. It isn’t remotely funny
      2. Making jokes around a sensitive issue like this can only provoke an ugly reaction

      You’re entitled to write what you like, just as I am entitled to express my opinion that it is a lame attempt at satire and in bad taste.

      1. You’re right — it was in bad taste. It was also juvenile and disrespectful.

        Still, I think that people in F1 who have quietly gone to Bahrain and won’t speak out against the regime deserve to get mocked for it. I don’t buy this idea that we should go all quiet and respectful because it’s a ‘sensitive issue’.

        It’s laughable that F1 is so morally bankrupt, and laughable that the drivers often seem to be so unaware of that fact. I hope that more people will make jokes about it, and that they will do a better job of it than I did.

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