2012 British Grand Prix in pictures

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Pictures from today’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Getty Images/Red Bull, Sahara Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, HRT, Pirelli

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8 comments on “2012 British Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. good to see Sebastian Buemi

  2. That is one very modern podium. Looks great, but its a little bit sad to not see the flags raise.

    1. Yeah definitely – it’s good to embrace the modern era but I feel the traditional flags were fine.

      1. soundscape (@)
        9th July 2012, 11:47

        @keithcollantine I think they’re both referring to the fact that the “flags” weren’t raised, they were flipped over, and they weren’t actually flags but motorised signage.

        1. @keithcollantine yes @soundscape is what I mean. I think it looks great, really modern etc, but would be nice to have the flags raised on a traditional flag pole maybe on the other side of the track so the drivers can see them go up. That would be a nice touch.

  3. Please no more pics of either HRT cars lol

  4. Those podium pictures are begging for a caption competition!

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