Sebastian Vettel, Bernie Ecclestone, Interlagos, 2019

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures

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Pictures from an intense and action-packed Brazilian Grand Prix which saw Jenson Button claim victory and Sebastian Vettel win his third drivers’ championship title.

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18 comments on “2012 Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Did anyone see Alonso’s eyes while he watched Vettel celebrate? That was heart breaking. You could see how much he wanted it.

    1. Should have thought about it when he squeezed Raikkonen
      Should have thought about it when he tried to pass Maldonado in China
      Should have thought about it when he couldn’t pass Pic in Spain

      1. Don’t be silly :)

    2. Even though I am very happy for Vettel and I think whoever of these 2 won would have deserved it, I have to agree, I felt a bit sad for Alonso. Bottom line is, both are great drivers and both pushed hard this year even when their cars were slower! Hats off to both of them and ofc to Red Bull and even to Ferrari who developed a car without any reliability issues at least.

  2. Does anyone else think that Bernie shows favouritism toward Vettel? Take Abu Dhabi 2011, after Vettel retired Bernie was in the Red Bull garage kissing up. And at almost every race we see Bernie on the grid with Sebastian, and even though we do see him with others, we never see him with other drivers nearly as frequently. Is it just me?

    1. I’m with you on that one

      1. Ya. But do you also remember the time when Ferrari and Schumi has Max and FIA was enjoying the special helping Hand of GODFIA during those dark years of F1?

    2. Bernie has showed particular favoritism towards Vettel ever since he flew Vettel out of China on his private jet to avoid the euro air space shutdown, due to volcanic ash, back in 2010.

      Bernie wanted Vettel to be the ‘next’ Schumi.

      And what Bernie wants…

      Bernie gets.

      1. Does it really matter? It’s not like the one that Bernie wants to win, wins. They changed regulations to stop RB &Seb for dominating and look how spectacular this year was, even if they won again, but at least it wasn’t boring like in 2011!

    3. I don’t mind if Bernie prefers Vettel but I think its a bit wrong for him celebrating with Red Bull. I think with his position in the sport he should try to be a little more impartial.

      That said I very much doubt he wants a repeat of the Schumacher era. Not good for the sport.

      1. Dave In NZL (now Aus).
        26th November 2012, 21:50

        I don’t know what you think his ‘position in the sport’ is, but he is the commercial rights holder not the rule maker. His job is to promote the sport, and by associating his media power with Vettel he is doing just that. I think it would a terrible disservice to the sport if he was aloof.

      2. I think he would have congratulate ANYONE who would have won , especially in such TIGHT conditions! So just because he is congratulating a world champ means he is biased? Be real!

    4. Well they have never hide how much they like each other and everybody knows they are friends… Is not like Bernie made regulations, and even so Bernie has say that he doesn´t care about who wins the championship as long as is it close. Bet when Vettel was hit yesterday Bernie was jumping all the way to the transmisipn box because he knew it will be good for tv raitings…

      I don´t care, I like this bromances, really cute…

  3. Vettel – This is for Fernando
    Bernie – This is for Ferrari

  4. Keith, any chance of a good-bye collection of schumi pics??

    1. Balestre was head of the FIA, Bernie isn’t

  5. The picture of Schumacer and Raikkonen battling it out is my new desktop wallpaper. That was gorgeous to watch.

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