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Wet conditions greeted the teams for the tenth day of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Here are pictures from Friday’s test in Barcelona including Red Bull running their new Drag Reduction Device for the first time.

More images will be added here.

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15 comments on “2013 F1 testing day ten in pictures”

  1. dodge5847 (@)
    1st March 2013, 9:07

    Keith, here is question that has probably been asked before, but as I know the teams can only run one car, but do the teams switch cars between tests, or is it the case that their no2 car’s wheels first turn at FP1 in Australia?

    1. Teams bring one car to a test, but I think some teams will use different chassis’ for different tests. I don’t know about the difference between Jerez and Barcelona, but I think I read Williams shipped in another chassis and sent back the one they used last week at Barcelona.

      1. dodge5847 (@)
        2nd March 2013, 6:42

        Thank you @npf1

  2. Is there any reason why Ricciardo is wearing a black helmet?

    1. he’s testing a Bell helmet instead of using his normal Arai. It just happens to be unpainted carbon fiber.

      1. I’ve never really read into anything about the helmet brand drivers use. How many choices are there and do the drivers have any freedom regarding which one they want.

  3. What’s up with the fins on the caterham sidepods ? are they placed for an aerodynamic advantage ?

    1. RBR, STR & FI also have them.

    2. I believe they’re vortex generators used to energize the flow over the side pod and to direct air towards the back of the car. Caterham does seem to have more than the others though.

  4. Just wondering, how the name of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Renault will fit in the display formats of FOM telecast. I remember Redbulls had theirs displayed in a smaller and narrower font… Will they abbreviate it this year???

    1. Just Red Bull Racing-Renault I guess because title sponsors are never really used on FOM. Mclarens full name is Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes and are always just listed as McLaren-Mercedes, the same can be said about Force India-Mercedes (Sahara Force India F1 Team).

      1. Aha… you are right mate!!

    2. Drop Valencia!
      2nd March 2013, 0:02

      current convention is team-engine, it used to be engine-team in the old days (example, Repco-Brabham), and sponsor names are not included.

  5. The pictures features are my favorite part of this website!

  6. Red Bull really need to try and get that system working if they’re going to have massive drag again: that was always the Achilles heel of the previous cars (straight line speed). I think they will be the team to benefit most from it if anybody can get it to work, which hopefully they will given they have the design genius of Adrian Newey!

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