Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013

2013 Belgian Grand Prix build-up in pictures

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Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Spa-Francorchamps, 2013

Pictures from the build-up to the Belgian Grand Prix.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Red Bull/Getty, Force India, Sauber, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, Pirelli

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32 comments on “2013 Belgian Grand Prix build-up in pictures”

  1. Thanks again Keith for the pictures.
    Alonso looks determined to respond on track
    Massa Knew it’s over
    Mark Webber is overjoyed, in this picture you will find why , i fear for Jenson’s reaction

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      22nd August 2013, 20:21

      @tifoso1989 know we have discovered why Mark keeps on injuring himself on the bike. Probably he crashes on trees or is busted by the girls’ boyfriends

      1. @omarr-pepper haha, worth it though! :P

        Maybe he caught a glimpse of somebody in Valencia in 2010 as well! ;)

        1. @vettel1 Heikki’s bottom?

          1. That would imply he has x-ray vision…

            Mark Webber is officially superman.

          2. @vettel1 well… he can fly…

          3. @fer-no65 wow, we have actually discovered superman in real life! :D

      2. @omarr-pepper haha !

        @tifoso1989 who could resist, really?

    2. Hahaha great picture

    3. Excellent post! Must have been a newby to F1 written that one!

  2. Anyone else noticed how Alonso always starts the season with short hair and by the end of the season his hair is pretty long?

  3. The difference between Vergne and Ricciardo is quite telling indeed!

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      22nd August 2013, 20:31

      @dennis Nah, just Dan looks like he has big teeth or a small mouth to keep them in… just saying.

    2. I never saw Ric not smiling :P

      1. true…. A poster boy indeed…

  4. Seb’s new haircut is quite terrible – worst since his early Red Bull days perhaps? (I was trying to find a link to the one of him with a St Bernard which is particularly hilariously bad but couldn’t find it on google images – if anybody knows what I’m on about please post a link and share the hilarity)!

    1. @vettel1 What’s wrong with this? I like it! Incidentally he briefly talked about his hair there.

      .. his goal in life at the age of 50: “I’d like to be surrounded by nature and in harmony with myself.” I hope that I then can live in a place, in which I spontaneously fell in love, with my family, a few children and maybe a dog. And I would like to have more hair on my head. This is not self-evident, when I look at my dad and my grandpa.” No good prospects for Vettel: Papa Norbert (52) and Grandpa Josef (78) wear bald head!

      I’d say let him have fun some fun when he’s still young and has enough hair to play with…

      On a separate note, I knew he had hairy arms but this much? Did he dye his forearm hair too? :D

      1. Lol that photo looks so weird. Notice how big his hand looks compared to the rest of his arm? Maybe its the camera angle, but it makes him look incredibly skinny lol. Hairy arms always look funny on blondes, a mate of mine has arms just like that lol

    2. I’m not normally one to suggest this, but have you guys considered running a Vettel Tumblr page?

      1. Sweet jesus! I had to do a double take to verify if it was the same person! XD

  5. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    22nd August 2013, 20:17

    That close-up on Di Resta makes him look as The Joker!!!

  6. You keep your hat or helmet VERY on, Seb. It might avoid the embarrasment of showing it to the public.

    1. @fer-no65 I think that went out of fashion along with Auric Goldfinger

  7. Formula One can’t come back soon enough! 4 weeks without a solid story and suddenly Vettel’s new hairstyle is talk of the town.

    Although I must admit, he does look like the missing third member of the Pet Shop Boys.

  8. Nando looks quite unhappy in that photo with felipe. I would be too, he is number one at ferrari, yet felipe got a much better hat lol

    1. I disagree…. ALO looks much more gangsta than Felipe! That hat looks aweful! Wrong color too!

  9. thanks for uploading photo #3…ive got myself a new desktop wallpaper :D

  10. massa is undergoing pre work training for his future job

    1. Massa’s epic failure: The fuel hose isn’t long enough to reach the tank.

  11. Why do Alonso and Massa need the goggles, and just were are those two young ladies going to sit? :)

  12. What a superb car that, the black Ferrari. And is that Cameron Diaz beside Massa? Lol.
    Mark Webber is ripped. If there’s a kickboxing match between him and Vettel, my money will be on Mark. Not only because of his muscles but his pent up aggression on him too.

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