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Pictures from the third day of F1 testing at Jerez.

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Images © F1 Fanatic, Red Bull/Getty

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25 comments on “Jerez test day three in pictures”

  1. Totally missed that it’s “bring your amco-day” today, Ferrari.

  2. The numbers will actually look better on the F14 T than on the F138 as it is now visible compared to last year’s car. Perhaps this was one of many reasons for the low front wing?

    1. The front wing hasn’t been lowered.. And the rule for a low nose tip was not introduced to make numbers more readable.

      1. I know. But perhaps it was one of many and also made them thought “Hey you know? This’ll also make the numbers look better and be more visible. It’s a win-win situation.”

  3. What is that on the side of the Ferrari?

    1. An array of pitot tubes.

  4. Any one have any idea what that rack is for in the FERRARI?? What it actually does??

    1. It’s an array of pitot tubes, they use it for aero testing.

    2. @romesh82 pitot tubes. They measure the speed of a fluid, in this case the air that’s travelling behind the front wheel and stuff.

  5. Rogerio Venturella
    30th January 2014, 11:05

    Some pictures from the Marusia?
    What about the nose?

    1. It’s not appeared yet. Should be soon, though.

  6. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren? check the photo descripton Keith.

    Speaking of McLaren…that tail arrangement looks interesting!

  7. Massa not Bottas ?

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    30th January 2014, 15:29

    Is that “mushroom tail” in the McLaren legal? I remember reading that NOTHING should extend behind the escape pipe.

  9. Is Robin Frijns number 9 then?

    1. D’oh! Just realised he’s using Ericsson’s number. Wonder if this is what will happen for all test/third drivers

  10. Finally a side view of Caterham!
    The sidepods look more square and box-like than on the other cars, reminds me somewhat of the 1990’s sidepods.

  11. The comments from Kimi show me that he is a driver with a high degree of natural talent and car control. His comments remind me of Ronnie Peterson, who was possessed of enormous talent at car control, but was notoriously bad at sorting a car. Teams would change a car quite fundamentally in testing, but he would take the car out and do the same lap times with it in a different spec, and then shrug his shoulders and struggle to explain how it felt different to the team and the engineers.

  12. Someone at Mclaren needs to change their helmet. Its gonna be impossible to tell the two drivers apart in a race

    1. @swindle94
      Did u miss that they have unique numbers?

      1. @mat- k that didn’t prevent mercedes from making their #2 driver change helmet colour a somewhat delayed decision especially thinking that we had already managed ways to tell them apart. Cool new design though.

    2. While we are on this subject, can Alonso drop the renault-light-blue and switch to yellow/orange/red? He has always stood out, just like Massa.

      1. That’s Asturias blue. He can’t change where he comes from.
        And he has a great big 14 on the front of his car. At least Ferrari are using proper numbers.

  13. @mat-k Duh. I wasn’t thinking. Hopefully the numbers are big enough to make a difference

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