Jerez test day four in pictures

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Pictures from the final day of F1 testing at Jerez.

F1 pictures

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Images © F1 Fanatic, Force India, Marussia/LAT

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9 comments on “Jerez test day four in pictures”

  1. I must say that the Marussia is really growing on me, its a lovely looking car. Just a shame that the only TV coverage it will receive is being overtaken by the front runners.

    1. yes, a very beatiful livery it reminds me of Jaguar..

      1. obviously i was talking about catheram..

  2. That caterham is reminiscent of the 98 lola, new set of rules and they make this evedwhere i look makes me feel that had only the capabilities to make a car under the rules, everything looks compromised to meet weight and reliability woes, they simply dont have the tools and skills to make remotely detailed and precise shapes with carbon composites.

  3. Is the caterham built in china? Those panelgaps, arghhhhhhh….

  4. Now is the time for Durex or other condom manufacturers to get back into sponsoring F1 – just look at the opportunities to show there wares at the front of these cars – even two opportunities with Lotus !

  5. Compare those photos of Ferrari, Mercedes and Caterham from the same angle. Caterham’s sidepods are ridiculous. Those things are bigger than Ferrari’s and Merc’s combined. They are pretty much as big as the ones I’ve been seeing in the 90s, as @peartree noted. There’s basically no undercut nor some sculpting.

    My guess is that they are banking heavily on reliability in the early races to try to score some points thanks to the attrition at the front and in the midfield. Hence the cooling that could be almost half a size.

  6. In my opinion if you remove the black bit on the Red Bull’s nose, it looks brilliant!! The nose is low but obviously not like the Merc or the Ferrari, it’s wide but looks pointy from the side and the slope is smooth and gradual. The proportions just seem right, another thing that makes it look nice are the pylons, they are simple, straight, vertical, not too long or short and they’re not positioned at the very front of the nose. I’m beginning to think it’s the best looking car since the black bulk ‘disappears’ nicely with the darkish livery and the shades/shadows under the nose. I never thought I would find a Red Bull pretty…

  7. Jonathan Sarginson
    2nd February 2014, 12:42

    I really believe the Caterham has o lot of potential, especially in view of the massive side-pod intakes, which look far more likely to be able to handle the increased cooling duties of intercooler and ERS systems; more so in light of the problems encountered by RBR and Torro Rosso. Also the nose treatment appears to be able to channel more air beneath the car than some of the more experienced competitors.

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