Williams target Red Bull after problem for Massa

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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Williams say their aim is to get Felipe Massa to the finish ahead of at least one of the Red Bulls following his compromised qualifying session.

Massa was eliminated in the first round of qualifying after a power unit problem left him vulnerable on the straights.

“It wasn’t the cleanest session for us on either car,” said the team’s head of performance engineering Rob Smedley.

“Felipe lost power in Q1 and there was nothing we could do about that. With Valtteri [Bottas], we had a small hydraulic leak that compromised our Q2, so we were trying to learn about tyre management while running in Q3 and I’m pleased he got to where he did.

“Now we have to aim to get Valtteri on the podium. For Felipe, we’ve got to aim to get him in front of one or both Red Bulls.”

“At least it’s better to have the problem today than tomorrow,” said Massa. “It’s a good track for us and I’m sure we were going to be competitive but unfortunately I could not do anything.”

2015 Canadian Grand Prix

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    1. Yes if he gets on of his great starts from what will now be 15th he should get well into the top 10 easily – I think Rob is being conservative here.

    2. I wonder who Ferrari are targeting for Vettel? lol

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